This is what your upstairs neighbours are REALLY doing

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  • If it sounds like they are building a bowling alley, it’s because they probably are

    Ever lived below a REALLY LOUD neighbour?
    Then this video is just for you.

    The relationship between upstair and downstair neighbours is rarely all sweetness and light during hallway meetings and post collection, and a new viral video doing the rounds has summed it up much better than we ever could.

    Uploaded to YouTube with the title ‘Everyone’s upstairs neighbors’, the American spoof film introduces us to a rather loud couple who live above a rather nice lady who just can’t work out why it sounds like her neighbours are bowling on her ceiling.

    Well, that would be because they are – as well making sweet, sweet music, smashing things with a hammer and rolling metal barrels around.

    As the couple in question explain in the clip: “Some people think of neighbourly noise as a nuisance, but we think of it as an art form.”

    Cue the poor woman downstairs screaming:”I just want them to stop and I want to know WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING!”

    Don’t we all. Don’t. We. All.

    The only thing missing from the clip is the passive aggressive note slipped under the door – classic neighbour behaviour.

    We’ll let that one go because the rest of the spoof is bang on – enjoy!

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