What does the colour of your front door say about you?

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything - and this is certainly true of your home. A beautifully painted front door makes all the difference, but what does your colour choice say about you?


The colour of sunshine, yellow is known to bring about warm and happy thoughts. A yellow front door suggests the homeowners are friendly and welcoming - the perfect hosts!

exterior of house with yellow door and wooden wall

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Associated with peace and tranquility, a blue front door suggests a relaxed, easy-going family lives behind it.

exterior of house with blue door and white walls

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Green generates feelings of safety, suggesting a harmonious home environment.

entryway area teak door and white house

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There's no doubt about it, a bright red front door is hard to miss! A perfect choice for homeowners looking to standout from the crowd.

exterior of house red door with brick walls and snow boot

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A timeless colour choice, black doors are chosen by individuals with a strong sense of style.

exterior of house black door with brick walls and plants

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In the practice of feng shui, purple is the only colour that can be placed in any direction; a preference for it indicates open-mindedness.

Exterior of house with purple door and white walls

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Feeling inspired?

Here are four important things to keep in mind before wielding the paintbrush:

1 Choose a shade that complements the other tones and materials present on your home's exterior. If you've got other painted items such as shutters or postboxes, it's a good idea to coordinate with those.

2 Colours tend to fade outside, so the bolder the better when it comes to exterior paint. Test samples in different lights to see how they change throughout the day.

3 Take the style of your door into account. Before rushing into anything, step back and take a proper look at your door, along with the accessories and trim that frame it. Adding a stately shade can make a simple cottage-style door look more sophisticated, while a casual hue can give a formal façade a friendlier feel.

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