Jay Blades reveals a common mistake people make when repairing home items

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Whether you're an old hand at repairing items in your home, or the cost-of-living crisis has thrust you into the world of home repairs you can DIY, there's always something new to learn to do. Or, in this case, what not to do.

The Repair Shop's Jay Blades reveals exclusively to Ideal Home what the most common mistake he sees people making. While he encourages us all to get repairing, he stresses the importance of using the right materials and in the right way.

Headshot of Jay Blades against red backdrop

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Jay Blades reveals what common mistake we're making in home repairs

The repair expert explains that people don't spend enough time working out which materials they should actually be using to fix our belongings which leads to DIY mistakes.

'It’s important to use the right type of materials when you are repairing to make sure your home items have a long-lasting repair,' Jay Blades reveals. 'Ask yourself questions like will it get wet, how heavy is it, and what is its (new) purpose?'

'If you’re not sure, read the instructions on the back of the packaging or ask the shop assistant when you’re buying materials.'

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Once you've established what the right products you need are, you then need to use them properly. For easy DIY projects, Jay Blades swears by super glue - but it's not as simple of slapping a bit on and holding together for a few seconds.

'If you’re using super glue like I do a lot of the time, you need two close fitting parts or it might not hold, and make sure you have a clean surface,' says Jay.

'It can also help to use a clamp, so the two broken sides bond. Dampening the surface when using also helps believe it or not!'

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So, yes, repairing and upcycled furniture ideas may not be something which you should attempt on a whim without preparation, but it is absolutely worth doing.

'Just remember generally most things can be given a second chance so let’s save our landfills, all it takes is a bit of creativity and time,' says Jay. 'There are a couple of things to look out for when fixing broken items and most things around the house, from photo frames to ornaments and mug handles to high heels, can be fixed.'

'You can also repurpose many things around the house, such as a drawer into a new planter box – all it will need is some paint and soil!'

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