Best trampolines – and everything you need to know before you buy

Swings and climbing frames have had their time these days, a trampoline is the garden must-have
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  • Trampolines are a popular way to tempt kids away from screens and out into the garden, for fresh air for some exercise. But they can be expensive, so it’s worth doing your homework first.

    We’ve covered all the bases you need to consider before jumping in and buying a trampoline for your own garden. Along with all the things to need to know how caring for it, to keep it as good as new year after year.

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    Here are our top picks for trampolines to keep your kids entertained while they’re at home.

    Best trampolines

    1. Best in-ground trampoline – Plum at Robert Dyas

    Make a trampoline seamlessly integrate into your garden space by setting it into the lawn. An in-ground trampoline looks much more discreet.

    Buy now: Square in-ground 11ft trampoline, £549.99, Plum at Robert Dyas

    2. Best trampoline for older children – 12ft Genius Round Trampoline at Very

    trampolines 4

    At 12ft, this trampoline will pack a bigger bounce than smaller ones so is better suited to older kids. It is suitable for kids over the age of 6, and is rammed with safety features so they can bounce safely. The patented SurroundSafe system prevents kids coming into contact with the springs. I also includes a zip free access tunnel, to avoid any holes in the safety net.

    Buy now: TP 12ft Genius Round Trampoline, £429.99, Very

    3. Best trampoline for toddlers– My First Trampoline at George Home

    Small scale for all things great and small. A starter-size trampoline, perfect for little ones and small gardens.

    Buy now: My First 7ft trampoline and enclosure, £89, George Home

    4. Best trampoline for easy storage – Kenyon Folding Round Trampoline at Wayfair

    trampolines 1

    This folding trampoline is perfect for adults or older children looking to squeeze in a little jumping inside. The trampoline is only suitable for indoor use, but can be folded up for easy storage in a living room.

    Buy now: Freeport Park Kenyon Folding trampoline, £55.99, Wayfair

    5. Best trampoline on a budget – Pink unicorn trampoline at George

    trampoline 3

    If you’re looking for a budget trampoline to keep your toddlers entertained this one from George at Asda costs just £25.  The bar is padded and somewhere for your little one to hold on they don’t accidentally bounce off.

    Buy now: Pink Unicorn toddler trampoline, £25, George at Asda

    6. Best trampoline for big gardens – TP Toys Infinity Leap 2 Level Trampoline at John Lewis

    trampolines 5

    This is the world’s first two level trampoline, and the closest thing to creating a trampoline park in your own garden. The two horizontal bounce beds are linked for double the bouncing fun. It is also equipped with a trampoline enclosure that is easy to put up so your children can bounce safely.

    Buy now: TP Toys Infinity Leap 2 Level Trampoline, £899.99, John Lewis 

    7. Best trampoline for safety – Greenbay Junior Trampoline with Safety Net and Skirt at Amazon

    trampoline 6

    The greenbay trampoline is perfect for the safety conscious. Not only does it have a trampoline enclosure all around the sides and on top, it also comes with a trampoline skirts. The skirt will deter any curious children from crawling under the trampoline when someone is bouncing on it.

    Buy now: Greenbay 4.5 ft Junior Trampoline with safety net and skirt, £129.99, Amazon

    Things to consider before buying a trampoline

    Photo credit: Robert Dyas

    Which size should I go for?

    Consider the age of the users and your garden size. Larger trampolines aren’t suitable for children under six, as they have a bigger bounce, so the frame is higher. While 12ft is the most popular frame size, all models should list a maximum weight limit (if you’re tempted to have a go…). Anything over that will put stress on the springs and shorten its life.

    Where’s best to set it up?

    Choose a spot at least 2m away from buildings, fences and bushes, and away from overhead trees or washing lines – allow 7.5m overhead clearance. It should be placed on soft, level ground – never on hard surfaces which stress the frame and are dangerous to fall on.

    What should I be looking for?

    The frame should be a thick gauge steel – the heavier, the better – in a galvanised finish to guard against rust. Longer springs give a bigger bounce and should be zinc-coated for protection. With bigger trampolines, welded joints can be weak spots, so look for those with reinforcements.

    Are there safety features to consider?

    Springs should have protective padding. An enclosure is essential and should meet European safety standards – go for one with a reinforced top rim to stop the net sagging. Net poles should also be padded for protection.

    What’s the best way to care for a trampoline?

    Users should wear socks and no shoes, to protect and keep the bounce mat clean. Inspect regularly for any damage and wash with soapy water and a soft brush. Store inside over winter if possible, or remove the net, mat and springs and store in a dry place.

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    The right trampoline will have little ones bouncing with delight all summer long.

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