The latest garden trend allows you to sleep under the stars - even when it's bucketing rain

Wanting to replicate the Eden Project at home? We've got you covered

Garden with a geodome and lots of plants and bushes.
(Image credit: Ross Lee)

Bored of the rooms in your home, but struggling with unpredictable weather too much to truly enjoy your garden? Here's your answer, a geodome.  

You likely haven't heard the name before, but you will have seen them popping up in outdoor bars and glamping fields, and now they're fast becoming a popular garden idea. In a viral TikTok, @rossleegardener showcased his stunning new geodome, designed as an outdoor bedroom to make the most of starry nights. 

While Ross has created a sleeping spot ideal for balmy nights, the reality is that a geodome offers endless opportunities for making the most of your outdoor living space. And what's even better is that it requires minimal work to construct. If you're not a lover of camping or DIY, this could be the perfect solution for upgrading a patio area so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of your garden, but hide from any unpleasant British weather. 


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What is a geodome?

A geodome (geodesic dome) is a hemispherical thin-shell structure with triangular elements that are structurally rigid. This means that although it has a rounded shape, it's able to withstand very heavy loads, and thus, bad weather. In short, it's the perfect solution for a British summer. 

The GeoDomeX, which Ross has in his garden, is entirely weatherproof so he can use it all year round, and it can even be fitted with an air conditioner or an electric heater, depending on the time of year. Plus, your garden furniture will be well protected from the elements, so you won't have to worry about having an additional place to store it. 

And the best part is that replicating the Eden Project in your own garden won't cost the earth. Ranging from £649.99 on Amazon to £997 from GeoDomex, it will be a much more affordable solution than an outbuilding or a garden shed-turned-office. 

'Once I have an vision in my head I just have to do it!', gardener, Ross Lee told Ideal Home.

'I decided on a Geodome and found a company called GeodomeX that offers an affordable and amazing model. The build was super easy with each piece numbered and videos online to assist you.'

'It’s anchored down and withstands high winds and is fully waterproof with windows that you can open and close, so I use mine as an outdoor bedroom. I have sealed the bottom with silicone and added some shade sails for those hot summer days.'

Not only is the GeoDome particularly easy to assemble, as Ross showcased through his videos, but it also requires minimal care. Once it's up it will stand up to weather and can be ventilated by propping open the built-in windows, just like you would a room in your house. With no maintenance needed, all that's left to do is decorate and enjoy the biophilic design.

How to get the look

Garden with geodome made for outdoor living and plants.

(Image credit: Ross Lee)

Ross' goal was to make his already plush garden more accessible in all seasons. He was aiming for 'a contemporary cottage tropical garden with an eastern twist.'

'I reused my old pergola and turned it into a bamboo division feature, dividing a seating area and a planted pathway. I also have a living wall I have just installed from which looks great when I’m laying in the geodome as it's directly opposite,' he says. 

No matter whether you want to replicate Ross' outdoor bedroom aesthetic or want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite restaurant with a chic outdoor bar, it's easy to make a geodome your own. 

With a few simple styling tips, you can create a spot that feels entirely unique to you and ties into the rest of your garden scheme. This way, the geodome acts as a practical space for lounging, sleeping, or hosting, as well as a design feature that will make a landscape look Chelsea Flower Show-ready. 

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