Hanging basket flowers – 10 of the best

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  • When it comes to hanging baskets, most of us are looking for colourful, trailing flowers that are easy to maintain to give your garden or outdoor space the ‘wow’ factor. The latest trend in hanging basket designs use just one flower, so feel free to experiment with different varieties and colourways of the same plant. Or, for a more classic look, choose a host of different flowers that will add plenty of colour and interest to your hanging baskets, mixing in greenery is a great way to build up a plentiful display.

    Now is the perfect time to start planning your hanging baskets; get them planted up now, ready to take pride of place once the weather gets warmer. Planting them now allows them enough time for the flowers and plants to become well established and bed in, to flourish beautifully and reach their full potential for the whole of summer. Once ready be sure to keep them in a covered area, to ensure the last frosts don’t get to them and kill off young buds.

    Essential maintenance for hanging baskets is keeping them well watered and dead-headed regularly, to encourage fresh flowering throughout the whole of summer.

    Whatever colour or style you decide on, we’ve selected a few tried and tested favourites that will ensure your hanging baskets look blooming lovely.



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