I'm an Italian and these are the 5 essentials I'm buying for my pizza oven on Amazon Prime Day

These are the must-haves for achieving near-authentic pizza every time

Outdoor pizza oven in outdoor kitchen
(Image credit: Future PLC/Jody Stewart)

Blame it on my genes but I take the whole experience of making pizza very seriously. If there's anything us Italians are known for, it's our expertise when it comes to pizza making – and rightfully so. These skills are passed down from generation to generation and while home pizza ovens are becoming more sophisticated each year, the basics of good pizza making never change.

While snapping up the best pizza oven on the market is a step in the right direction towards achieving near-authentic pizza, there are a few must-haves definitely worth knowing about if you want to make the step up from pizza apprentice to pro pizzaiolo.

Outdoor pizza oven in outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jody Stewart)

5 pizza oven essentials to buy on Amazon Prime Day

Given that Amazon Prime Day is right on our doorstep, there's no better time than now to invest in a few pizza oven essentials while the deals are hot. However, be sure to act quickly because they won't be around for long.

Outdoor pizza oven in outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jody Stewart)

1. Frozen pizza dough

For starters, making your own dough is the best option - it doesn't cost much (it's just water, salt, yeast and flour, after all) - you just need to remember to do it in time to ensure it rises. 

However, sometimes time is not on your side and having a back-up plan is always handy, so I totally rate this frozen dough you can snap up on Amazon for just £2.69.

The Northern Dough Co Original Pizza Dough, 440g (Frozen) | £2.69 at Amazon

The Northern Dough Co Original Pizza Dough, 440g (Frozen) | £2.69 at Amazon

The perfect amount for two 12-inch pizzas, this frozen dough is high in protein and made with real 100% natural ingredients for an authentic bake and delicious flavour.

2. Pizza peel

Next, you need a pizza peel. I have a John Lewis peel but any of these, on Amazon, are comparable and they cost a lot less than the ones made by the pizza oven companies. Just make sure you dust it with flour or semolina before you use it so your pizza doesn't stick!

LKE Pizza Peel | was £18.99 now £15.99 at Amazon

LKE Pizza Peel | was £18.99 now £15.99 at Amazon

Made from high-quality food-grade aluminium, this pizza peel is light and stable and even comes with a foldable handle for convenient storage.

3. Pizza turning peel

Since I got to test the Witt Rotante pizza oven (the base rotates) I no longer have much use for my pizza turning peel, but they are a valuable piece of kit if you have a standard pizza oven. 

Turning peels are a lot smaller than normal pizza peels to allow you to shuffle and turn the pizza around while still in the oven. They're also perforated so that the pizza - while still not completely cooked - doesn't stick to the peel.

It's worth nothing that if you are on the hunt for a rotating pizza oven like the one I tested, Witt is doing an exclusive offer just for Amazon Prime Day. Buy the Witt Rotante or Witt Etna Fermo on Amazon and you'll receive a free bundle of pizza-making accessories worth over £110, including a pizza peel, rolling pin, and oven brush.

Perforated Turning Pizza Peel | £20.99 at Amazon

Perforated Turning Pizza Peel | £20.99 at Amazon

This round perforated turning pizza peel is made of hard anodised aluminium which is durable, rust-free, and resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

4. Round chopping board

You have to have some way to serve the pizza as soon as it comes out of the oven, and having a few of these inexpensive boards to hand is great, especially if you have friends over. 

Pizza Board |was £19.00now £15.20 at Amazon

Pizza Board | was £19.00 now £15.20 at Amazon

This is the lowest price we've seen this round pizza board in 30 days, so snap it up while you can. Made from acacia wood with a smooth polished edge, it's the perfect way to display your pizza.

5. A pair of good quality kitchen scissors

This is an inside trick we had at home when I was growing up and it's pretty common across Italian homes, too. Forget about pizza cutters – a good pair of kitchen scissors is all you need to slice up sections for everyone to help themselves. Also, if your pizza has lots of toppings, simply cut a double slice, then fold one half over onto the other so you have a sort of pizza sandwich – that way nothing will slide off!

Sharp Kitchen Scissors |was £4.29now £3.99 at Amazon

Sharp Kitchen Scissors | was £4.29 now £3.99 at Amazon

These multifunctional sharp scissors are perfect for not only cutting pizza, but also poultry, meat, vegetables, and more.

So the next time you decide to make pizza at home, make sure you keep these essentials in mind to help you turn out pro-style pizzas, just like Mamma used to make...

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