Get your front door ready for spring

Impress your guests as they step over the threshold of your ravishing front door

As our traditional hibernation period comes to its end, it's time to spring clean and get the house ready for warmer seasons. Where better to start than the front door? It's the face of your home and the first thing to make an impression. Create a welcoming exterior that will give your home that extra kerb appeal because believe it or not, house sales can actually be made or broken depending on the appeal, or lack thereof, of the front door.

Stone urns and brass light fittings

A pair of stone urns will add an elegant symmetry to a traditional front door. Copper light fixtures and container planting have added another welcoming dimension to this classic grey entrance. The Nordlux Luxembourg outdoor wall light, £95 from John Lewis, is similar to the pair seen here.


Consider your neighbours when painting your front door - a more unified look along a street is generally thought of as more appealing. In some conservation areas the colour of your door will need to fall within a certain palette. Pastels are becoming increasingly popular while darker more conservative colours will always stand the test of time.

Foliage and planting

A climbing plant trained up the wall adds a leafy lustre to a cottage property whilst terracotta planters burst with fecund vibrance. Wisteria, which though it must be kept under control with pruning, is a universally loved climbing classic that will burst into a riot of lilac shades in spring. The matching grey door and shutters gently add harmony to the slate colour of the garden tiles. Try Little Greene's French Grey Dark for a similar look.

Garden path

Blast all the winter debris, weeds and moss of your garden path with a high-pressure hose for a spring fresh start. Aromatic lavender plants offer a gorgeous smelling welcome to visitors.


Nothing says an elegant welcome quite like the symmetry of two matching potted shrubs. Boxwood balls and bay trees have year round classic appeal. Here the owner has added interest to the entrance with an antique bell pull, keeping in character with the building's original period. Salvage yards such as Lassco are a great place to find unique pieces.

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

Ginevra Benedetti has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021. With a career in magazines spanning nearly twenty years, she has worked for the majority of the UK’s interiors magazines, both as staff and as a freelancer. She first joined the Ideal Home team in 2011, initially as the Deputy Decorating Editor and has never left! She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, from planning through to publication, editing, writing or commissioning the majority of the content.