You need these brutally honest doormats in your life

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  • From ‘blow out your candles’ to ‘check your hair straightener’ - which one do you need?

    If, like me, it takes you a huge amount of time to get yourself over the doorstep each morning, we may have found the answer.

    Whether it’s hair straightener paranoia or doing the dash-back-for-your-lunch-before-your-train-leaves dance slowing you down each morning, these novelty little numbers with firm but fair reminders should help you out.

    So, take a look below and tell us – honestly! – which doormat do you need in your life? You can’t all pick ‘pants, keys, dignity’. Sorry.

    For paranoid candle androids

    Perfect for the autumn months – and Halloween carving!

    Blow Out Your Candles Doormat, £30, from Be There in Five at Etsy.

    For working lunches

    Nothing is more depressing that boxing up a delicious lunch ready for the next day…and leaving it all packed up with nowhere to go in the fridge.

    Don’t Forget Your Lunch Doormat, £20, from Be There in Five at Etsy.

    For hair raising moments

    It’s off. You know it’s off. You even put it in that horrible heatproof bag. Doesn’t stop you darting back in and up the stairs again and again though does it?

    Turn Your Straightener Off, £19.99, from Amazon.

    For families with funny bones

    Sums it up really.

    Beware Off The Kids Doormat, £5, from Matalan.

    For anti-tech types

    You can also get one of these that says ‘Home is where the wi-fi connects automatically’, but we much prefer this little number.

    Wifi Free Zone, £6, from The Great Gift Company.

    For hipsters

    We couldn’t find a beard one – sorry! Talk about gap in the market…

    Fan-tashche-tic Coir Doormat, £19.95, from DotComGiftShop.

    For everyone (yes, even you!)

    Enough said.

    Keys, Pants, Dignity,
    £30, from Damm Good Doormats at Etsy.

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