I work from my dining table, but this stylish pop-up desk has transformed my WFH situation

Now I've found it, I'm not sure how I lived without it

Casa pop up desk in kitchen
(Image credit: Logitech)

I'm a strong believer in separating my work and home life, to help me unwind at the end of the day. However, the realities of living in a small flat in London have ruled out any home office ideas and instead left me craning over my tiny laptop on the dining table if I want to be able to pack my workstation away at the end of the day.

I've dabbled in mini laptop stands, and a separate mouse and keyboard, but even put away they took up a lot of space and were a bit of an eyesore. However, Logitech has finally come up with a solution that is not just functional but also pretty. 

Enter the Casa Pop-Up Desk. Essentially, the Casa is a clever way of combining a laptop stand, wireless keyboard and a touchpad all into one handy package. It sounds so simple, to the point that, astonishingly, this is the first time I've seen a product like this. 

Casa pop up desk in kitchen

(Image credit: Logitech)

However, what really caught my eye was its interior design appeal. Logitech has packaged its casa keys and casa touch into a slim design that looks just like a linen notebook. It is available in three home decor trend-led shades: green, pink and off-white. 

It blends into a living room (or any room) seamlessly helping to create that distance between work and relaxing when WFH. It blends in so well that when I first saw the Casa Pop-up desk I didn't even notice it, I just thought it was a book on a shelf.

Green logitech pop up desk next to books

Spot the Casa

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

First impression of the Casa Pop-Up desk

I tried out the Casa Pop-Up desk for myself at home, and I'm impressed. I opted for the green Casa Pop-Up desk to blend in with my living room houseplant ideas and navy feature wall. It looked great on a shelf, blending into my book.

I'm far from a tech whizz, so was nervous about the tech part of setting up the keyboard and touchpad. However, it was easy to do, and I've even been able to create shortcuts using the personalised settings on the casa keys that make my job easier.

Green logitech pop up desk open

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

Is it worth it?

The Casa Pop-Up desk works with most laptops, I was using it with a Windows laptop, but it is also compatible with Macs, Chromebooks and iPads. The one sticking point I have is the price, it is currently only available to purchase through Logitech and John Lewis for £179. 

Casa pop up desk in kitchen

(Image credit: Logitech)

The Case Pop-Up desk isn't a cheap fix, but it is built to last with a two-year warranty and is currently the only set-up alongside the Logitech combo touch that comes with a touchpad to mimic the same feel of a laptop. If you're working with a budget you could pick up a laptop stand, and the Logitech MK479 Slim Combo, that includes a mouse and keyboard, priced at £55 and tuck them away in a basket at the end of the day. 

However, for me, the space-saving abilities of the Casa and preserving the aesthetic of my living room are worth the investment. My WFH set-up has been revolutionised.

Rebecca Knight
Deputy Editor, Digital

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