This open wardrobe makeover uses two simple design tricks to create the ultimate organised space

Neat fitted furniture took the place of messy hanging rails

bespoke white wardrobes with shelves and drawers
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Open wardrobes seem like a great idea in theory. You get all the glamour of a walk-in wardrobe without taking over a separate room. However, they can descend into chaos pretty fast, and that is not ideal when they're situation in your bedroom which should be a calm and serene space. 

But this open-wardrobe makeover is here to show how you can do it the right way with fitted furniture that utilises every inch, and a glamorous sweeping curtain for those days your organising skills are failing you.

Open-wardrobe makeover

A great example of what can be achieved is this bedroom makeover, where homeowner Gemma Gear transformed her space with a bespoke open wardrobe idea

'Our bedroom is a typical Victorian layout, with a bay window and chimney breast with two alcoves each side,' says Gemma. 'We had previously only had clothes rails for a wardrobe, which was quite honestly a nightmare! I was constantly feeling like I was trying to tidy to keep on top of the clutter and it would make for a stressful night's sleep as the bedroom didn't feel like a relaxing space at all.'


bedroom with clothes on clothes rails

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As neatly as Gemma had hung her clothes, it still wasn't the most attractive of spaces. 'Most of our clothes would end up in piles on the floor or unorganised in boxes,' she recalls. 

Searching for a solution, Gemma began looking at fitted furniture. 'We have original coving which we were nervous would be an issue because it would mean the wardrobe height wouldn't be able to go up to the ceiling,' she says. 'This wasn't the case at all though, and we went with Sharps who were so careful working around the coving without causing it any damage and fitted the wardrobes snugly around it.' 


bespoke white wardrobes with shelves and drawers

(Image credit: Sharps)

An open-sided run of classic Shaker-style furniture in a clean white finish has completely changed the space. 'The joins are immaculate and make it feel well designed and bespoke,' says Gemma. 

'We added modern brass handles for a contemporary twist and I love all the additional storage that we lacked before. Our day-to-day lives feel less chaotic now and the fact that everything is organised and has its own space has dramatically changed the overall feel of the room. I'm so glad to see the back of those clothes rails!'

bedroom with wardrobe storage

(Image credit: Sharps)

To the left side of the wardrobes, Gemma added a curtain that she can pull over if she wants to hide the contents at any time and that helps personalise the space even more. It's a great way to ensure a bedroom remains serene and tranquil when you want it, while still allowing easy access to items at other times.

wardrobe with open drawer and organisation

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'My favourite part is most definitely the drawer dividers,' says Gemma. 'I've used them to neatly store all my jewellery and make-up, which is a huge help as now I can see everything laid out neatly. Before, it was just thrown into boxes and I would struggle to find things.'

wardrobes with clothes storage

(Image credit: Sharps)

Gemma isn't the only one to benefit – the wall of storage has been split in half so that her boyfriend Tom has his own area too. 'He's very much enjoying the drawer dividers as well as the extra hanging rail for this trousers,' says Gemma.

'I spent some time finding nice storage baskets and boxes to fill the cubby holes and have displayed some of my most favourite, colourful shoes and bags that sit proudly on the shelves. It really does make all the difference – tidy house, tidy mind!'

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