Beckham just revealed the one thing he can't go to bed without doing – and we feel seen

We'll be buffing it like Beckham here on out...

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There's nothing like event TV to get everyone chatting, and the content of the moment has to be the Beckham documentary on Netflix. And while there are more scenes to talk about than we know what to do with, David's evening ritual hit home for us.

It seems that the football pro isn't just fastidious when on the pitch, he ensures his home ( are kept in tip-top condition.

'When everyone’s in bed I then go around, clean the candles, turn the lights on to the right setting, make sure everywhere is tidy,' David explained. 'I hate coming down in the morning and there’s cups and plates and, you know, bowls.'

But there's one thing that seems to particularly irk Becks – candles being left dirty and untrimmed. Who knew Number 7 cared quite so much about making sure that the best candles are treated so well?!

David Beckham candle care

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'I clip the candle wick, I clean the glass, that’s my pet hate, the smoke around the inside of a candle,' says David. 'I know, it’s weird!'

While some of us were nodding our heads emphatically at this point (this writer very much included), it seems that some were surprised that you would want, or need, to look after your candles so much.

So are we being a bit precious about our reset rituals? Or should more people be jumping on the Beckham bandwagon and get cleaning our candles? Of course, we spoke to the pros and found out the truth...

Are you supposed to trim candles?

So, first things first – should we be trimming our candles? We're presuming that Becks meant to say 'clip the candle wick' because if he looks after his candles that meticulously, we highly doubt there would be excess wax.

'We always recommend trimming your candles so that the wick is around 5mm long - this ensures that it burns cleanly and efficiently,' advises Freddie Crowther, founder of homewares brand Polkra.

'When candles aren't trimmed they can often tunnel (when a hole forms in the middle) and flicker excessively leading to soot build up and reducing the candle life.'

While it is of course possible to fix candle tunnelling, it's best to never let them get to that point in the first place – prevention is way better than cure here.

Freddie Crowther headshot
Freddie Crowther

Freddie has over 10 years experience in the homeware and interiors industry and works directly with manufacturers and artists across the world to design, source, produce and distribute timeless luxury homeware designs. He is still involved with every product that is produced in the Polkra range, sampling materials meticulously using his expert knowledge from years of experience in the industry.

How do you trim candles?

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Ok, that settles it – keep those wicks in order and your candles will thank you for it. But what's the best method? I'm sure many of us have pinched a little off with our fingertips, but we've got to assume that's not the recommended procedure...

'Often you can just pull the build up at the top of the wick off easily, but sometimes this can make the wick a bit too short, so ideally just using a pair of scissors is best,' advises Poppy Wall, founder of candle brand Eym.

'Always ensure that your candle is cool and the wax is solid before trimming,' says Freddie. 'Then using a pair of wick trimmer or scissors, trim the wick at a slight angle to help the wick burn properly and evenly.'

'After trimming make sure you use a tissue or small brush to remove debris from the wax as this can affect the candles burn,' Freddie continues. 'If you have trimmed your wick correctly it should burn steadily, not flicker excessively or produce a larger "dancing" flame.'

How do you clean black soot off candles?

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'I’m with David Beckham on the soot! Why invest in beautiful candles and not keep them looking beautiful,' says Poppy. 'I often just dampen some kitchen towel and wipe it round the edge of the glass. Note though, 100% natural candles with cotton wicks hardly give off any black soot.'

'Black soot normally occurs when the wick is too long and the flame is uncontrolled,' adds Freddie. 'This is a sign that you need to trim the wick! To clean away the black soot, ensure that the candle is cool and wax is solid then use a tissue or microfibre cloth to remove the soot. It should easily rub off.'

There we have it – Becks is absolutely right in making sure he looks after his candles. And as much as we love reusing our candle jars, we'd rather that day was a little further off and with the right maintenance we can be sure to keep them flickering fragrantly for as long as possible.

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