How cleaning professionals remove cutlery scratches from plates – and the star product is less than £3

Can you get cutlery scratches from plates? Cleaning pros share their top 3 products to make your dishes look like new

A kitchen drawer full of white ceramic tableware
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We love a good TikTok cleaning hack, also known as Cleantok since this type of content has become incredibly popular on the social media platform over the last couple of years. And while some are better than others, there is some gold to be found that can make your life a whole lot easier and your home spotless. The latest one we’re obsessed with is removing cutlery marks from plates.

There are some TikTok cleaning hacks that are best avoided as they can cause more harm to your home and appliances than good. But we can confidently say that this hack is not one of them. Not to mention that it slightly blew our minds.

Did you know that scratches on ceramic dishes can be removed? Because we sure didn’t. Not to mention the fact that they are not even real scratches but rather scuff marks from cutlery that can be cleaned off with a handful of particular products that come highly recommended both by TikTok content creators and our cleaning experts.

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How to remove cutlery marks from plates

This kitchen cleaning tip is going to prolong the life of so many dinner plates as apart from breaking and chipping, having scratches on their surface tends to be the biggest reason why people get rid of their plates. But by using one of the below cleaning products, those marks are going to be eradicated forever.

‘Most of the time, what you’re dealing with are only scuffs, which means the marks are only on the surface and they’re very easy to remove,’ says Petya Holevich, cleaning expert at Fantastic Services.

Petya Holevich
Petya Holevich

Petya Holevich is an experienced housecleaning and laundry expert with over 5 years of dedicated time at Fantastic Services. Her journey with the company not only contributed to the maintenance of immaculately clean domestic spaces but has also put her at the forefront of training new teams, honing her leadership skills and elevating her communication abilities. This, in turn, has enhanced her communication with clients as well, ensuring an exceptional level of service and fostering positive relationships and friendly attitude.

A kitchen drawer full of white ceramic tableware

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1. Bar Keepers Friend

‘Thanks to its active ingredient of oxalic acid, Bar Keepers Friend is the best product for removing metal scratches from your ceramic plates and dishes,’ says Sarah Dempsey, cleaning expert at ‘You can use either the powered stain remover or the cream on your plates.’

We first came across this kitchen cleaning hack on TikTok thanks to @thecleaningchannel that debuted the cream version of this product which retails for less than £3 at Amazon.


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‘You’ll need a damp, non-scratch scouring pad or sponge to rub the powder or cream over the scratches. You may need to do this for 20 to 30 seconds to get all of the marks out. Then all you need to do is rinse the plate off under the tap and wipe it dry with a soft cloth,’ Sarah explains.

2. Baking soda

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If you prefer a natural cleaning hack over a store-bought cleaning product, then bicarbonate of soda can remove plate scratches too. It might just take a little bit more work and scrubbing.

‘The main thing needed for scratch and mark removal from plates and cutlery is some effort and baking soda. I’d personally recommend using a baking soda paste or a powdered cleaning product. Keep in mind that specifically designed products for this purpose usually work better and the baking soda method will require a bit more effort to give satisfactory results,’ Petya says.

She outlines the necessary technique, ‘Before you apply it, wet the plate and then add the cleaning agent and scour with the tool you’ve chosen.’

3. The Pink Stuff

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Is there something The Pink Stuff can’t do? The cleaning paste that can take on pretty much any stain and scuff in your home is one of the best cleaning products we’ve ever tried. And according to TikTokers like Beatriz of @makelifesimpler_, removing scratches from plates is another ability that can be added to the list of The Pink Stuff can do. 


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Best used in tandem with the rough side of a Scrub Mommy or a similar sponge, once you apply the paste, spread it and scrub, just rinse off the residue to reveal a plate that looks as good as new.

Goodbye plate scratches! 

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