How to use Bissell CrossWave – effectively clean both carpet and hard flooring with this expert guide

A Bissell spokesperson's top tips for operating and maintaining your appliance

Bissell CrossWave cleaning hardwood floor
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If you're wondering how to use a Bissell CrossWave, you've come to the right place. Considering this appliance allows for effective cleaning of multiple floor types, it's no wonder it's such a heavily sought-after purchase.

Say you're trying to weigh up investing in either one of the best vacuum cleaners or best mops to tend to the task of keeping your floors in tip-top shape but don't quite have the space for both. That's where the beauty of the Bissell CrossWave comes in as it's a 3-in-1 appliance that vacuums, washes, and dries your floors all at the same time – combining all your needs into one product.

However, instruction manuals can easily get lost (honestly, we can relate). So, if you've now been left to navigate the complexities of this appliance, allow us to give you a helping hand to teach you how to use a Bissell CrossWave.

How to use Bissell CrossWave

For this guide, we reached out to the experts at Bissell for their top tips to effectively use a Bissell CrossWave for the best results.

Whether you're cleaning carpet, cleaning wood floors, or cleaning laminate – we've asked Holly Whittle, brand manager at Bissell to lead us through the process of getting the most out of your swanky appliance.

Bissell CrossWave cleaning hardwood floor

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1. Fill the clean tank

'Firstly, fill your CrossWave clean tank up to the fill line with water and then add a capful of the Bissell multi-surface formula,' begins Holly.

2. Switch it on

Recline the body of the appliance – this should start the brush roll spinning. Then, select the HARD FLOOR button on your CrossWave to get started.

3. Spray the solution and pass

'Hold the solution spray trigger to apply the cleaning solution on each pass moving both forwards and backwards,' explains Holly.

If you notice the CrossWave leaving too much water on your floor (or would simply like your floors to dry faster), you can release the spray trigger and go over previously cleaned areas with dry passes instead.

If there are certain stains and stuck-on messes proving to be a little more stubborn, you can hold down the trigger over it and do short passes focusing on the area.

Bissell CrossWave cleaning hardwood floor

(Image credit: Bissell)

4. Repeat the with rug areas

The great thing about the Bissell CrossWave is that you don't need to switch out your appliance when cleaning a rug.

Simply switch to RUG AREA mode to refresh rugs and other carpeted areas with your CrossWave.

5. Empty the dirty tank

Once you're finished cleaning your floors, simply stand your CrossWave up to stop the brush roll from spinning.

'Empty your dirty water tank down the toilet or sink depending on if it's picked up any debris such as food,' advises Holly.

6. Clean the brush roll

After emptying the water tank, remove the multi-surface brush roll, rinse it under some lukewarm water and leave it to air dry.

Holly urges you to allow it to completely air dry before inserting it back into the appliance. 'This is to refrain from any odour build-up which can occur with damp brushes,' she explains.

As a general rule of thumb, Bissell recommends replacing your brush roll every three to six months depending on how often you're using it.

7. Rinse the filter

Now, remove the filter from the dirty water tank and also leave this to air dry.

'We recommend replacing your filter every 6 months,' says Holly.

Bissell CrossWave cleaning hardwood floor

(Image credit: Bissell)


How to use Bissell CrossWave as a vacuum

To use the Bissell CrossWave as just a vacuum, simply turn it on and start vacuuming. Yes, it's that simple. If you're not washing your floors, then there's no need to fill the tank with water or cleaning solution.

While it's possible, there's no denying it's best used with water if you're cleaning hard flooring.

Then, just like that, you've successfully operated a Bissell CrossWave as well as learned how to maintain and clean it for optimum performance.

So long as you follow these easy steps when using a Bissell CrossWave, you're well on your way to mastering the art of cleaning your home fast and ensuring your home stays spotless, hygienic, and more comfortable for your household for the foreseeable future.

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