This clever vacuum hack uses a toilet roll to clean the trickiest small spaces – but it comes with a warning

Misplaced your vacuum attachments? No problem

Vacuum cleaner stood up in room
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Whether we like it or not, vacuuming is a task that will always have permanent residence on our weekly list of chores, so it doesn't hurt to tune into tips and tricks that'll help us get the job done quicker. Luckily, we came across this genius hack for vacuuming those hard-to-reach areas like windows and sliding door tracks – and all you need is a toilet roll.

Even the best vacuum cleaners can't do everything for us. Even if you're the #1 expert on knowing which vacuum tool is right for each job, sometimes even the smallest crevice tools aren't quite narrow enough for those frustratingly tricky areas in your home.

Or, maybe you've fallen victim to storing your vacuum cleaner poorly over the years, which has resulted in you losing those handy attachments and are now in need of a quick fix. Whatever the reason, this hack is just what you need.

Vacuum cleaner stood up in room

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Vacuum cleaner toilet roll crevice tool hack

If you've got sliding doors, whether they lead to your garden or are a choice you made when installing wardrobes, you'll be the first to know how mucky the tracks can get, despite your many cleaning efforts. The same can be said for around your windowsills.

No more do you have to mess around with missing vacuum attachments, as a toilet roll is all you need to make your own DIY crevice tool. Simply grab your empty roll, tape it onto your vacuum and pinch and manoeuvre it as needed.


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However, as with any hack, it comes with its precautions, too. While this can be a quick fix if you've misplaced your attachments or your existing ones are not narrow enough for those specific nooks and crannies, Josh Warren, AO's floorcare expert warns against relying on this hack long-term.

'By adding an obstruction such as an empty toilet roll, the airflow of the vacuum is significantly restricted. Not to mention that adding this could potentially damage the vacuum or cause it to overheat.'

Therefore, while utilising an empty toilet roll may seem like a creative solution, he will always recommend using the attachments that come with your vacuum as they have been specifically designed to clean different surfaces and crevices without risking any damage.

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'If you've accidentally misplaced any of your attachments, there are universal ones available online that are cheap to replace to save you from causing any harm to your vacuum cleaner,' advises Josh.

Yes! There are extra attachments out there irrespective of whether you've got missing parts to your best cordless vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum. Here's one we've scouted out for your ease – and it's only £5.

So, while the toilet roll may do the trick if you're really in a twist, you can rest assured that getting your hands on new parts won't cost you an arm and leg.

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