This £50 window vacuum is my saviour for getting rid of condensation everyday

This handheld tool is my secret weapon for banishing condensation and cleaning mirrors and glass

Image of Vileda window vacuum being used to take away condensation from windows
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It's that time of year when getting rid of condensation from windows can be a time-consuming exercise first thing in the morning. If you're desperate for a solution, we've got just the thing - a window vacuum that will eradicate condensation in quick time. Plus it's unbelievably handy for cleaning around the rest of the home too. 

With the cold conditions outside potentially leading to damp patches and mould if condensation isn't properly tackled, it's no surprise that an increasing number of people were searching for how to get rid of damp in recent weeks. After just a few weeks of using the Vileda windowmatic power we think a window vacuum is a must-have.

With this one investment, you can take preventative action before dampness strikes by using a window vacuum to get rid of condensation on windows in the mornings. These tools couldn't be easier to use and take less than 10 seconds (I tried it out to be sure) to clear your window panes of moisture.

Image of condensation on windows being cleared by a window vacuum

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The specific window vacuum I tried is the Vileda Windowmatic, which is currently on sale for £50 at Homebase. Other alternatives from other brands are sure to work in a similar way, including the Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac, which is just £39.99 at Amazon.

The vacuum itself couldn't be simpler to use every day. To get started you'll need to power it up using the included charger for a few hours, but once this is done, you can expect to clean up to 120 windows with it before it needs to recharge again. I've been using mine for weeks now, and haven't needed another charging session yet. 

Then, every morning I simply take the vacuum, turn it on and drag it down my condensated windows, filling the water tank along the way. This takes less than 10 seconds per window, making it a painless morning task. Next, I drain the water tank, which is removable, into the sink. 

Image of window vacuum being used to clean glass divider in bathroom

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That's not the only use I get from this genius buy either. To my despair, I've been searching for how to clean a shower screen due to the dampness that builds up in my bathroom. Luckily my window vacuum is the only thing I've found that helps me to clean it without streaks, after many different methods of trying to keep it looking less dirty. 

To operate the window vacuum there needs to be a layer of liquid that can be suctioned up, so I make sure to always use cleaning spray before I go in with the power on. I use the same tactic on all of the mirrors in my house too, from my bathroom cabinet mirror to my full-length bedroom one. Now I've got my window vac in hand, I'll never look back.

Image of window vacuum being used to clean shower glass in bahtroom

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

If you can afford to pick up one of these window vacuums for around £30, you'll reap the benefits when it comes to damp control and cleaning. You can even use one on cleaning up bathroom or kitchen tiles too, which is my next experiment when it comes to my own flat. 

Molly Cleary
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