Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals secret to stopping condensation on windows

Banish damp windows with her expert tip
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  • It’s that time of year again, when condensation appears on our windows. The moisture caused by the difference between the temperatures outside and in can lead to mould and potential wood rot.

    But cleaning enthusiast Lynsey Crombie has shared her hack to stop condensation on windows. When it comes to how to get rid of damp and condensation, The Queen of Clean recommends a de-misting spray – like the kind you might use on your glasses.

    Lynsey Crombie

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    Lynsey Queen of Clean’s hack to stop condensation on windows

    ‘Invest in anti-mist spray,’ Lynsey tells us. ‘These sprays are more commonly used on people that wear glasses as it stops them from fogging up.’

    The cleaning expert says that anti-misters such as those used by people who wear goggles to work are great for damp windows. Spraying some of the product on your windows will create a barrier to help stop condensation.

    There are lots of anti-mist sprays on Amazon that might do the trick if you are dealing with a fairly small area of glass.

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    Of course, there are various other methods you could try. Lynsey recommends keeping windows ajar for at least a few hours a day – even in the colder months.

    Keep curtains open and blinds up in the daytime and remove water daily with an old towel or thick microfibre cloth from Amazon. This will prevent mould and wood rot if you have wooden frames.

    Calling proud houseplant parents, Lynsey warns against keeping any plants on your windowsills, as they add moisture to the air. If you are worried about condensation and mould, the best dehumidifier will make a huge difference.

    condensation on windows

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    Some models have a laundry setting which speeds up the drying process dramatically. Just remember to remove any plants from the room if leaving it on for a long time, as they might not appreciate the sudden change in humidity.

    Lynsey also says not to leave laundry to dry in a room where you get condensation on the windows if at all possible. Will you be picking up some anti-misting spray?

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