3 things experts want you to know before buying a halogen heater

What you ought to know before bringing one into your home

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After many have realised how much it costs to run an electric heater, specifically halogen heaters, they have increasingly grown in popularity as a way to save energy at home. Martin Lewis has even gone on to praise them, recommending them as a 'good source of heat' and 'cheap to run,' sending shoppers flocking to their favourite retailers to nab one for themselves to keep their houses warm in winter.

However, as shoppers are turning to this heating system to cut costs on their utility bills, we've asked experts to share the three things you ought to know before buying a halogen heater to ensure you proceed with safety and energy efficiency in mind before bringing one into your home.

Brown living room with layered lighting, logs in fireplace and sheer curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC)

3 things to know before buying a halogen heater

Halogen heaters are great choices to make you instantly warm this winter. Experts have given their verdict on halogen heaters, dubbing them as the cheapest electric heater to run. Here's what you need to know before buying one.

1. They're ideal for heating small areas

 “The heater will only warm up the area directly in front of it. This is great for heating up a small area, however not so much when you need to keep an entire room warm,' says Daniel Dwyer, heating expert at Village Heating.

'They’re not the best choice if you want to heat up a whole room. For instance, if you move across the room, you would have to move the heater across the room with you to benefit from its heat.'

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2. They're not suitable for use while sleeping

If your bedroom is notorious for getting cold at night, we have bad news as using a halogen heater while you're asleep is strongly advised against. Daniel Dwyer at Village Heating dubs them as unsuitable for cold nights as 'they must be switched off while sleeping.'

If you're one to get nippy at night, we believe you'd be better off opting for an electric blanket to help you stay warm during your hours of slumber.

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3. They can be a fire risk – consider safety functions

Before buying a halogen heater, ensure you consider the safety functions of the particular model you're wanting to purchase to ensure safe usage in your home.

William Hobbs, energy expert at Myjobquote.co.uk says, 'This type of radiant heater can be a fire risk, so choose one with cool-touch housing, a protective grill over the bars and a sturdy base. Look for overheat protection and an automatic cut-out function, so the heater switches off if it gets too hot or topples over.'

'When buying, check the heater over for obvious signs of damage and make sure the plug is made to British Safety Standards. It should have BS 1363 printed on it. No matter how safely they’re made, never put flammable items near your heater or leave them unattended while they’re on.'

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Overall, halogen heaters are a sturdy choice if you're looking for instant warmth this winter. As long as you're aware of its limitations, then we're sure you'll be able to appreciate how great of a device they are for cold weather within the appropriate circumstances, like heating small areas during the daytime and evening.

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