5 tricks celebrity professional organisers, The Style Sisters, swear by when moving house

Following these tips could help alleviate even just a little bit of stress

Living room with white and pink walls, pink armchair and whit and wood storage unit
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Organising and styling duo, Charlotte Reddington-Smith and Gemma Lilly, more famously known as Style Sisters, share their top tips when moving house.

Oftentimes, we get too caught up in focusing on the legalities of moving house, ensuring we avoid any house-moving mistakes, that we may forget about streamlining the actual process of packing and organising our belongings.

Living room with white and pink walls, pink armchair and whit and wood storage unit

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

The Style Sisters' 5 top tips when moving house

It's inevitable that the lead-up to moving day will be stressful, but there are a few things you can do to relieve some stress and get your storage and organisation solutions in order ahead of the big move.

Here are 5 tricks celebrity organising and styling duo, the Style Sisters, swear by when moving house.

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1. Detox your belongings

'Our top tip is before you move, have a really good detox because you don’t want to be moving unnecessary stuff to the new home,' says the Style Sisters. 

A new home is a great opportunity for a fresh start, not just for your lifestyle, but for your belongings too. If you need some extra tips on detoxing your things, it might be worth checking out the decluttering tips our editors swear by.

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2. Consider storage solutions for your new home ahead of time

The Style Sisters always recommend figuring out what kind of lifestyle you have and then figuring out where things should be placed according to that. If there are certain things you reach for more often, prioritise those when organising.

There are plenty of easy storage ideas you can browse to help you imagine how to decorate your new place.

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3. Opt for multi-purpose furniture

'If you are stuck on storage, think about utilising the furniture. Get a storage bed, get storage TV units, and storage sofas. Get items that have multi-purposes so you can maximise your space,' advise the organising duo.

If you're thinking of getting new or pre-owned home furnishings, consider opting for things that have multiple usages. Multi-purpose furniture is a genius storage solution for small spaces.

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4. Use big bags instead of boxes when packing

'People automatically assume that when you move house you’ve got to use boxes, but we actually like to use big bags because of the handles,' says the Style Sisters.

'It makes them easier to pick up and you can organise everything in that bag and it’s easier to transport than a box.'

white shelves with storage baskets and throw blankets and a wooden stool

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5. Pack a small suitcase with your essentials

'We also recommend packing a little suitcase for the next 2-3 days so you have all your essential items and clothes for the aftermath of moving for the next few days so you’re not having to rummage through boxes.'

There's nothing worse than not knowing where your go-to everyday items are, so we're on board with the Style Sisters for this one.

Clothes hanging in organised wardrobe

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Moving house can certainly be a strenuous feat, but following these tips could help alleviate even just a fraction of that stress.

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