9 things you should never store under your sink, according to the experts

Think again before tossing this in the cupboard

Dark kitchen cabinets with white countertop and sink
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Experts reveal the things you should never store under the sink when organising your under sink cupboard, and while some of them were already within our general understanding, there were some that surprised us.

The under sink cupboard is an area that undoubtedly tends to accumulate lots of clutter throughout the days, weeks, and even months. Admittedly, I find myself cramming so many items under the sink, but assuming you can store anything there is one of the first under sink storage mistakes to avoid.

Dark kitchen cabinets with white countertop and sink

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9 things you should never store under the sink

Oftentimes for people trying to make the most out of a small kitchen layout, the area under the sink seems like a useful storage spot. However, experts warn that under the sink is actually not the safest place to keep these common household items.

1. Paper towels

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Under the sink is one of the most prone areas to getting damp, therefore, storing paper towels here is not the wisest of choice.

Lily Cameron, cleaning supervisor at Fantastic Services adds, 'This goes for other paper products as well, such as trash or compost bags made of paper. They’re designed to biodegrade quickly, so they can easily get damaged by moisture.'

2. Small kitchen appliances

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Given that we just touched on this area being the most prone to damp and getting wet, it's not surprising that storing electric appliances under the sink is a bad idea. Your best bet is browsing kitchen appliance layout ideas to save space without potentially damaging your goods.

3. Harsh chemicals

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This one might sound counter-intuitive, considering the fact that so many of us opt to store our best cleaning products under the sink. However, Lily Cameron at Fantastic Services warns homeowners to find a different spot for the likes of harsher cleaning agents and insecticides if they have pets or children.

'It’s an easy spot to access, and if ingested, these chemicals can be a huge health hazard. It’s best to keep harsh cleaners at a higher spot in the kitchen, bathroom or utility closet – out of reach.' This even goes for dishwashing pods.

4. Pet food

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'While it might seem handy to keep your pet's food tucked under the sink, this could be dangerous. With this area of the kitchen often becoming humid from hot water, food may quickly become mouldy. Instead, stick to storing your pet's food in a dry and cool place,' explains Catrin George, animal wellbeing specialist at Animal Friends Pet Insurance.

Additionally, if you tend to store cleaning products under the sink, Lily Cameron at Fantastic Services recommends keeping pet food in a separate spot to avoid cross-contamination.

5. Your toothbrush

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'As you’ll often run your toothbrush under water before and after use, the bristles remain wet. Storing the wet bristles in a dark and unventilated space can encourage mould growth, which sometimes goes unnoticed,' warns Warren Kinloch, bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal.

'This could lead to you brushing your teeth with a toothbrush full of bacteria which isn’t good for your teeth or general health.'

There are plenty of bathroom storage ideas worth trying if you're looking to organise your bathroom, without compromising safety.

6. Anything wet or damp

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Following on from the previous point, Warren Kinloch at Bathroom Deal also warns against storing anything wet or damp in under sink storage. 

'This includes things like face clothes, reusable cotton pads, towels or bath mats. Again, storing this in an unairated space can encourage the growth of all sorts of nasties, which you’ll then be applying to your face and body.'

7. Pantry items

kitchen pantry with white door and kitchen shelves

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We know that pantry ideas aren't always a viable option for people with smaller kitchen storage solutions, so desperate times may call for you to store non-perishable food under the sink.

However, this isn't a great option as these can go bad when they come into contact with water.

8. Light bulbs

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'Anything with glass is pretty dangerous to store under your sink, but this is especially true for those smaller items such as light bulbs which are extra fragile and prone to shattering,' warns Julia Barnes, head of buying at Value Lights.

It also comes with the added risk of condensation building within the bulb due to heat generated from any pipes that may run through this space.

9. Flammable items

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Anything containing alcohol or other flammable ingredients (this includes your cleaning products) is better off stored elsewhere as these could pose a serious fire risk if coming into contact with a heat source, leak, or spill.

So, the next time you think of just tossing something under the sink to have it out of sight out of mind, be certain they don't fall into these categories.

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