Professional organisers reveal the most common under-sink storage mistakes – and how to avoid them

Say goodbye to overcrowding once and for all

White stacking storage basket filled with cleaning products on top of kitchen sink
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Professional organisers reveal the most common mistakes people make when organising under the sink, and what you can do to avoid these mishaps.

When it comes to storage and organisation, the under-sink for many is an easy storage idea that you don't have to think about – because it's admittedly where all the afterthought clutter goes.

Even if you're not trying to win awards with your bathroom storage ideas or kitchen storage ideas, there are some no-nos you should always try to avoid when possible when organising this spot in your home.

White stacking storage basket filled with cleaning products on top of kitchen sink

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

5 most common under-sink storage mistakes

'Under-sink storage areas are frequently overlooked, resulting in a tangle of half-used cleaning supplies or products past their expiration dates and other random items that don't seem to fit anywhere else,' explains Matthew Harrison, home cleaning and organisation expert at

'If you choose the right materials and procedures, the cabinet beneath your washbasin may be a streamlined, efficient, and particularly useful storage place.'

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1. Buying the wrong sized storage solutions

'The frustration with many under-sink solutions available in the UK on international marketplaces, such as Amazon, is that they're designed for imperial-sized US or European kitchen units and simply don't fit snugly in standard UK cabinets,' explains Simon Glanville, managing director at A Place for Everything.

'If you're unsure, opt for a handled storage caddy instead that'll be handy for transporting cleaning products around the house with you or just a simple storage box.'

Blue under sink storage caddy filled with cleaning products

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2. Overcrowding

I can imagine this one's pretty infamous amongst a lot of our under-sink storage (mine included). There's this urge to stuff everything we can into a fairly limited space and it just becomes utterly too cluttered.

'Many homeowners live busy lives which makes finding time for organisation difficult, resulting in wasted and forgotten products,' explains Anna Elkington, home interior expert at Melody Maison.

'Stackable storage containers are the perfect idea to maximise storage space. Adding labels to these boxes improves organisation by ensuring no items are forgotten at the back of the cupboard.'

It's also important to regularly go through the things you have stored under your sink when you're decluttering your bathroom or kitchen.

Under sink wire storage basket filled with cleaning products

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3. Not taking advantage of vertical space

This is linked heavily to the previous point.

'Under-sink cabinets can be relatively small but offer much vertical space that is often overlooked. To avoid this mistake, install shelves or racks to use the full height of the cabinet. You can also use stacking bins or drawers to organise smaller items like makeup or cleaning supplies,' advises Matthew Harrison at

'Taking advantage of vertical space can increase your storage capacity and keep things more organised.'

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4. Failing to protect the area from potential water damage

Under the sink is notorious for being prone to moisture and dampness, therefore, it's important to keep on top of getting rid of damp and keeping the area dry. Failing to do so may damage products you store under sink, leading to mould and mildew growth.

Matthew Harrison at recommends using waterproof containers and wiping down surfaces regularly to keep the area dry.

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5. Forgetting about plumbing

'The presence of plumbing pipes and fixtures can complicate under-sink storage. Remembering plumbing when organising can lead to frustration and wasted space,' warns Matthew Harrison at

'To avoid this mistake, make sure your storage solutions are adjustable or can be easily moved to accommodate pipes and fixtures. You can also use a tension rod to hang cleaning supplies or a small caddy that can be hung from the cabinet door.'

Pink under sink storage caddy filled with cleaning products

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Perhaps now is the perfect time to bid farewell to the constant overstuffing that's definitely happening in my under sink storage.

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