What to declutter in April to start the new season with a clean slate

Get into the spring clean spirit with an April decluttering session

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As we find ourselves at the beginning of April, it’s clear that we’re well and truly in spring. And with it comes the inevitable spring clean - a chance to refresh and reset our homes with cleaning and decluttering. And there are several areas and things to declutter in April that should not be missed. 

It’s a new month and a new season with a fresh decluttering checklist to tackle. Some of these jobs might be new, while others might be the same as the things to declutter in March which you may have not gotten round to completing.

So let’s get decluttering with tips and advice from organising and decluttering pros to make this the best spring clean you’ve ever done.

Labelled storage baskets on shelves

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

What to declutter in April

‘April typically marks the official start of spring which is a great time to really focus on having a good sort out and declutter of those items that your no longer hold purpose in your life,’ says Siân Pelleschi, owner of Sorted! and APDO president. ‘There are a number of areas that, when tackled, help to make you feel refreshed and renewed.’

And this is what they are.

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Siân Pelleschi

Siân Pelleschi is the owner of Sorted!, a Cheshire-based home and office decluttering and organising service, and the current President of APDO - the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. With Sorted!, she aims to take away the stress and hassle that everyday life can sometimes bring, both in your home and working environment.

1. Your wardrobe

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It’s a new season and a new you. Which might not have the same likings as the old you so it might be about time to declutter your wardrobe

But the spring and summer you certainly has different needs than the autumn/winter you, so a seasonal wardrobe swap is in order right about now.

‘If you’re the kind of person who has a seasonal wardrobe then now is probably a good time to have that change over of items and bring out the lighter part of your wardrobe,’ Siân says.  ‘If you tend to keep all of your clothes for the year in one wardrobe then it’s also a great time to go through what you have and make sure you’re keeping what you’ll wear.’

‘When looking through your clothes it’s good to assess whether it’s still your style and whether you actually like the item. Additionally, consider where you have multiples of the same. Do you need 20 black vest tops or can you make do with five?’

2. Your loft

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While we’re on the subject of wardrobe swaps, the loft is usually where most of us store those out-of-season clothes and other items. And it can result in a disorganised mess. So while you’re there fishing out your spring and summer clothing, why not give it a complete overhaul?

‘Many people are relying on the loft as a storage place for their out of season "stuff",’ says Victoria Fearnley, APDO member and founder of Surrey Decluttering. ‘If it isn't very organised at the moment, April is a good month to get sorted. Keep like with like - all Christmas-related things in one area and out-of-season clothing in another. Ensure you use clear storage boxes and/or label everything properly - you will thank yourself later!’ 

3. Your outdoor space

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As the sun slowly starts coming out, it’s time to declutter and organise those gardens, sheds, patios and balconies before al-fresco dining season truly begins.

‘Sun is shining and the days are getting longer. A great time to think about sorting and organising your garden,’ says Julie Stevens, APDO member and founder of Younique Designs Ltd.

Start by removing all the rubbish that your garden has collected over the past few months. ‘Grab a bag and gather up all those old broken pots or those housing dead plants, dog-mauled tennis balls, broken clothes pegs, damaged tools, unusable garden furniture and anything else that shouldn’t be there,’ says Victoria Nicholson, APDO member and founder of My Wardrobe Zen.

Then you can move onto more area-specific jobs like your best garden furniture and the shed.

Small garden with lawn, steps and tiny shed

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‘Check over any of the cushions that you have in storage. If you need new cushions then check if re-upholstery could be an option for you. If the foam is still good you may be able to source some fabric online and get some new covers made or make them yourself,’ Julie suggests.

When tackling the shed, start off by removing everything and sort through it. ‘Take everything out, discard what you are not going to use or have not used for a couple of years. Try to sell or give away these items before sending them to landfill. Then sort everything out, keeping kind with kind and then organise neatly back into the shed, keeping the most likely to be used items towards the front, thereby easily accessible,’ Julie advises.

4. Your hallway

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If this didn’t make it onto your March decluttering list, then April is still a perfect time to tackle your hallway with the seasons changing.

‘These are areas that often get bunged up with seasonal coats, bags and shoes and general items like mail that work their way into the house,’ Siân says. ‘Now is a great time to have a look and swap out those clothes items only meant for winter weather. It’s also good to assess how the space is working for you and see if there are any small, but quick, wins you can do to the space to make it clear and to work better for you.’

5. Your home office and filing system

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If you are self-employed or own a business, 6th April marks the start of a new tax year and opens the window for filing your tax return. So this is the best time to do it to get ahead and also sort through and organise all your relevant documents.

‘If you are one of the several million UK taxpayers who have to complete a self-assessment form, this is the month to start getting your tax information in order and be an earlier filer of your return,’ says Jen Childs, APDO member and founder of House Calmer. ‘Whether you run a business or are required to complete a return by HMRC for other reasons, it's time to gather up all the relevant information relevant to the 2023-24 tax year in one place and make sure that you've got everything you need for the speedy and accurate filing of your tax return.’

Jane Lee, APDO member and founder of Jane Lee Interiors, continues, ‘You can let go of business records five years after the 31 January submission deadline, however, most people extend this to seven. HMRC can go back four years if an innocent error is suspected; six years for mistakes deemed to be careless or negligent, and 20 years if there is a suspicion of deliberate tax evasion. I still recommend hanging on to all important documents - either scanning them or filing away.’ 

6. Your winter bedding

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As the temperatures start rising and we shed our layers, this time of year is also perfect for swapping out your warmer winter bedding for lighter duvets and bed linen for spring and summer.

‘As the weather improves, it’s time to think about changing over to a lighter weight duvet,’ Jen recommends. ‘As you change over your winter weight duvet to a lighter one, make sure your winter one is clean before you pack it away. If you can’t wash your duvets at home, your local dry cleaners will be able to professionally launder them. Once you’ve collected your clean duvets, keep the cleaning tags on the items so that you can see that they have been cleaned. Store them in dust proof bags or plastic boxes. If you are short of space, use vacuum bags to reduce the bulk of the duvet.’

And now you’re all set for your April decluttering session. Trust us, you will feel so much better and lighter when you’re done.

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