The Folding Lady's easy hack for folding fitted sheets is a total game-changer

Gone are the frustrating days of crumpled bedsheets...

Pile of red, grey and white folded bedsheets
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that there's no chore quite as frustrating as attempting to fold a fitted sheet. There's seemingly no logical way to make it work...which may be why mine often end up in an unsightly pile on a shelf.

But we never stop trying to find new storage and organisation tricks to make our lives (and laundry days) as easy as possible. This is why I couldn't be happier about discovering the Folding Lady fitted sheet hack.

The organisation queen showed off her 60 second trick for folding a fitted sheet through a TikTok video. To save us from having to watch it every time we take dry sheets off the line, here is how the folding icon does it...

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The Folding Lady fitted sheet hack

Sophie Laird, aka the Folding Lady, is known for showing her 4.3million (and counting) TikTok followers the best way to keep their homes in ship-shape condition. Her latest video explains the 'U-fold' method for folding fitted sheets that won't look out of place in even the most organised of utility room ideas

This technique involves placing a fitted sheet on a flat surface with the elasticated edges facing upwards. It is then turned lengthwise, and the bottom corners are tucked into the top, creating a 'U' shape, before being able to fold it completely.

So let's break it down...

Pile of red, grey and white folded bedsheets

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The first step of the Folding Lady fitted sheet hack is to lay the sheet flat, with the underside (the elasticated corners) facing the ceiling. 

Next, tuck your hands under the bottom two corners and lift them to meet the top corners, folding the sheet in half. Then tuck the bottom corners into the top ones.

From here you fold the elasticated corner on the right towards the middle, and repeat with the left. Then fold the top down over both sides, which should tuck them in like an envelope.

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You then want to fold the right into the middle and this time fold the left over the top.

Fold the right-hand side into the middle, then the left over the top. You should then have a much smaller rectangle. 

Finally, fold into thirds widthways by folding twice upwards. And voilà! A perfectly folded fitted sheet.

It may take some practise, but once you've cracked it you'll never look back. Plus, neatly folded sheets means you'll have a lot less ironing to worry about!

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