Christmas gifts for foodies - top treats for the food and drink obsessed

Feeling peckish? These gifts for foodies are perfect for the wannabe chefs in your life...

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On the hunt for Christmas gifts for foodies? Well, if - like me - you're a self confessed foodie, there's no better time to shop (and be shopped for) than at Christmas. 

Yes, retailers will always dutifully produce chocolates around Valentines Day, there are endless egg-shaped treats available around Easter time and even Hallowe'en is getting in on the fun with a whole host of mini-sized handfuls... but Christmas wins hands down. 

The appliance world has literally exploded with new and wonderful gadgets to help your transform a few ingredients into something to wow friends and family. The shops are packed with delicious delicacies wrapped in beautiful packaging from home and abroad. 

From oversized, personalised Toblerones to cheese boards with odd-shaped knives, to options are pretty endless. There really is there's no better time to be a foodie gift glutton.  

Ginevra Bennedetti
Ginevra Benedetti

Ginevra has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021, having first joined the team in 2011. She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, editing, writing and commissioning, from planning through to publication. She loves to cook and also loves a gadget so it's no surprise that her kitchen is packed with appliances and gizmos that help with food prep.

We've steered clear of featuring many of those kitchen gadgets and contraptions that you'll use once in a blue moon (raclette grill and tortilla press, anyone?). Instead, we've focused on clever kitchen helpers, smart serveware and everyday essentials that will make you life easier, while also looking great on your countertop.

There's a good mix for all ages too - there's a personalise carafe that will work for wine and orange squash alike, while there's a snow cone maker that will easily become an essential in your kitchen in summertime for both adults and kids.

We've shopped around too - there are products from some of Ideal Home's favourite retailers like John Lewis and Amazon, alongside some neat pieces from independent stores as well. 

If however, it's an air fryer you're looking for (who isn't?!), you're better off heading over to our dedicated air fryers in stock page to find one before the big day.

So with Christmas looming, there's no time like the present to start shopping for your presents! Enjoy...

Christmas gifts for foodies - our top picks

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Here's where to shop for more Christmas gifts for foodies

Looking to buy more Christmas gifts for foodies? Then check out these retailers as they have a wealth of food and drink related goodies and gadgets for all ages...

And while you're at it, why not treat yourself, too - you know you want to...!

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

Ginevra Benedetti has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021. With a career in magazines spanning nearly twenty years, she has worked for the majority of the UK’s interiors magazines, both as staff and as a freelancer. She first joined the Ideal Home team in 2011, initially as the Deputy Decorating Editor and has never left! She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, from planning through to publication, editing, writing or commissioning the majority of the content.