Dannii Minogue swears by this must-have kitchen appliance for quick after-school dinners

'It's life-changing, ladies... you need one'

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Dannii Minogue swears by this must-have kitchen appliance if you need an easy fix for cooking quick dinners for your kids after-school.

Not even Aussie singer and presenter, Dannii Minogue, is exempt from having witnessed the air fryer craze. On a recent podcast episode of Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware, the duo asked Dannii for her best-kept secret for whipping up quick after-school dinners: and her answer came to no surprise.

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Dannii Minogue's kitchen appliance essential

The best air fryers provide easy solutions to cook quickly and healthily, without so much as breaking a sweat (we think it's definitely something an air fryer does better than an oven) – so it's no wonder that this kitchen trend has become essential in Dannii's home.

During the podcast episode, Jessie asked Dannii: 'What would be something that you could whip up for the kids after school?'

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She responded, 'I’m bad at that kind of cooking but a few Mum friends said, ‘Have you got an air fryer?’ and I said ‘No, what do I do with one? But I’ve got one now and there are a few things I’ve learned that are easy.'

'You can put in a bit of salmon and for fries, it's the best thing on the planet! You can either cut them fresh or you can get them straight out of the freezer and put them in. It's life-changing, ladies. You need one,' Dannii adds.

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'So it takes up bench space, so I have a little butlers pantry and it’s got its own space. Everything has to move away because you need airflow around it (something to consider in your kitchen appliance layout ideas), but oh my god, it's amazing and good for kids' things. It’s quick as well.'

The Aussie's air fryer praise is no shock, but hey, if even Dannii Minogue swears by her air fryer ideas when cooking for her family, then you know its influence means serious business.

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Our Editor in Chief, Heather Young, agrees: 'I have 13-year-old twins, and the air fryer is our go-to when we're trying to juggle meals around various hobbies and activities. My son is actually our air fryer's biggest fan and often uses it himself to help prepare quick-turnaround meals.'

'The fact that it's easy and safe enough for him to confidently use it himself is a great plus point. The most common thing he cooks is chicken goujons and sweet potato fries, but he'll often try out new recipes he sees on TikTok or Pinterest too.' 

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If you also have children and have been after a quick solution to fixing up their after-school meals, consider this your sign to finally hop on board the air fryer bandwagon – you'll thank us for it later.

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