This major large appliance brand just entered the air fryer game – here's our first look

The large appliance brand targets the kitchen with its new kettle, toaster and air fryer that aim to solve some age-old issues

Haier launch new range of small appliances
(Image credit: Haier)

Haier, a brand best known for its presence in the large appliance market, has launched its first range of small appliances, including an air fryer. The new kitchen range also includes a multi-beverage maker, blender and a matching toaster and kettle set. 

We got an exclusive first look at the range ahead of the release of the products in October and November, with their small appliance designs promising to compete with some of the best air fryers already on the market. 

The seven products in total all have a sleek matte black metal finish and are kitted out with features that are designed to make everyday cooking and hosting that bit easier. Here's what we thought when we had a first look at the range.

Haier small appliances range - first impressions

Haier's new air fryer is the release that most caught our eye, with the medium-sized model featuring nine functions, including the ability to double up as one of the best slow cookers

Aside from the matte black finish, there are other design elements that are worth discussing too, including the viewing panel situated on the top half of this air fryer. While plenty of the best dual-zone air fryers feature glass windows, this is the first we've seen with one placed on the main body of the air fryer instead of the basket. That means that you'll be seeing the cooking progress of food from above (where it's crisping up) as opposed to the sides. 


(Image credit: Haier)

Haier also hopes this will mean users can better view food without disrupting the cooking process. The detachable basket tray is also interesting, with a design that's similar to the Lakeland Digital Crisp Air Fryer, allowing users to clean the insert more easily, and serve up food with less faff.

Multi-Beverage maker first look

Another new release that had a buzz around it during the launch at IFA 2023 was the Multi-Beverage maker. With an RRP of £149.99, this machine has the aim of delivering all of your favourite hot drinks, with no need for pods, or separate machines. 

It's an interesting concept, with a design that might remind you of Hotel Chocolat's The Velvetiser, which is an Ideal Home favourite. 


(Image credit: Haier)

With it, you can use the programs for hot foam, cold foam, hot milk, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, which means that it claims to go beyond some of the capabilities of the best milk frothers too.

And of course, as you'd expect, the range also features a toaster and matching kettle, each of which has design quirks that aim to solve everyday breakfast issues. While the kettle has the capability to boil just one cup of hot water at a time (a godsend in the ongoing cost of living crisis), the toaster features a cover, which will prevent dust from getting into your toaster and creating that all-too-familiar burning smell.

From a first look, this range seems like it'll be a hit for those looking for a full, matte-matching appliance set. We'll be reviewing the range in depth in the near future too, in order to see how the features in this range measure up. 

Molly Cleary
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