Is an air fryer a good Christmas gift? What you need to know before buying one for someone else

Here's why an air fryer might make an expectedly great Christmas wishlist addition

Air fryer on counter at test centre
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Is an air fryer a good gift and should you be picking one up as part of your Christmas shopping this year? Whether you're an air fryer convert or not, it's pretty much impossible to have escaped the wave of hype around these handy appliances. 

So, as Christmas rolls around, you might be debating if it's worth gifting one of the best air fryers to those in your life who have somehow avoided the call of these appliances thus far. 

As Ideal Home's product tester, I've reviewed over 30 air fryers at our test facility, and I'm always recommending these appliances to my family and friends. If you are thinking of gifting someone an air fryer, then it's worth thinking about which type of air fryer would suit them and their kitchen, as well as any accessories you can invest in for any air fryer lovers out there. I've covered all of the air fryer gift angles you might want to browse below at a range of price points. 

Is an air fryer a good gift?

My simple answer is yes, an air fryer is a great gift for someone who hasn't invested in one yet. Or, if you know someone whose air fryer is looking a little battered, then it's a nice idea to help someone upgrade to a newer model. 

I'd know because, on the Ideal Home team, I'm the resident air fryer obsessive. With my constant talk about them, I've converted the whole office and gifted more than a few air fryers to my family and friends too. 

And on my journey to fix everyone up with an air fryer, I've found that there's a huge range of sizes and prices you can buy air fryers at, which makes them appropriate to any home and most budgets (for those doing the shopping!). Our round-up of the best air fryers under £100 and the best air fryers for a family of four show the kind of versatility on offer. 

Air fryers line up from testing day

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And obviously, the main reason that an air fryer makes a great gift is just how useful they are for everyday cooking. We've covered it in our standalone feature on air fryers vs ovens, but the bottom line is this – these appliances are much more efficient than your built-in oven. 

That means that gifting an air fryer to somebody else is bound to be helpful, whatever their set-up, as cooking food more quickly (and using less energy, which we calculated in our feature on the cost to run an air fryer) is a win-win, especially in the continuing cost of living crisis. 

Air fryer on a kitchen counter with potato chips

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Our former Head of Reviews, Millie Fender is the one who converted me to air fryers and has her own thoughts on the politics of giving an air fryer as a gift. 

'It can be taboo to give a practical Christmas gift, but if you want to give someone a gift they're guaranteed to use, I don't think it gets much better than an air fryer,' Millie says. 

'I gave my grandparents an air fryer last Christmas and they loved it, mostly because it showed I had put a lot of thought into their needs. As they've aged they're less able to lift heavy trays into the oven, and they're increasingly cooking for one or two, so they've made a lot of use out of their Tower air fryer - something I doubt they'd have treated themselves to.'

Air fryer gift ideas

The important question is though, which type of air fryer is right for your intended recipient? I've narrowed down the perfect air fryer for all sorts of queries, and described why they'd make a great present this Christmas.

Gifts for air fryer lovers

If the person you still need to buy for already has an air fryer (and has no need to upgrade), then you might be on the hunt for related air fryer gifts to fill a stocking with or bulk out another present with. These gifts are a way to incorporate their love for their cooking essential into the equation. 

Whether you're shopping for a gift or hoping to receive an air-fryer-shaped present under the tree this year, we're sure that these ever-handy appliances will become a staple in your kitchen not just at Christmas, but for life.

Molly Cleary
Kitchen Appliances Editor

Molly is Ideal Home’s Kitchen Appliances Editor and an all-around baking and cooking enthusiast. She joined the team in September 2022 as an Ecommerce Editor after working across Real Homes, Homes & Gardens and Livingetc. She's been reviewing products for 4 years and now specialises in weighing up kitchen essentials' pros and cons, from air fryers to bean-to-cup coffee machines. 

She's always been a keen reader, so after graduating from the University of Exeter in 2020 she was thrilled to find a way to write as a full-time job. Nowadays, she spends her days at home or the Ideal Home test facility trying out new kitchen innovations to see if they’re worth a space on your worktop. Her most beloved and hard-working appliance is her Sage coffee machine though she also takes the title of Ideal Home’s in-house air fryer expert after writing about them religiously over the past few years.

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