4 ways to upcycle a kitchen table

Four funky ways to breathe new life into a battered old kitchen table

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It's not unusual to have a kitchen table that punches below its weight. Maybe it's too plain, the wood grain's not the loveliest, it doesn't suit the rest of the room, or it has simply seen better days. The temptation is to throw it out and invest in a new one. Before you do that, think about upcycling it. With a few simple DIY craft moves, you can completely transform your kitchen table and add some personality at the same time. Here's how...

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1. Style a sophisticated breakfast zone

Paint your kitchen table, choosing a bold colour for the supports. Once it's dry,
stretch a piece of patterned oilcloth taut across the top, stapling the
edges neatly below the lip. Using a flash of yellow with a monochrome
print like this one is a great way to add a little fun to a
sophisticated look.

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2. Turn it into a bathroom washstand

First of all, paint the legs and top of your table your chosen shade. Then choose decorative tiles and a simple basin. Using a jigsaw, cut a rectangular panel from the table top. Screw a piece of moisture-proof MDF to the underside of the table under the hole. Paint the table and allow to dry. Tile a thin piece of MDF, the same dimensions as the recess, to ensure the tiles are level with the table's surface when fitted. Fix in place, then grout tiled area. Plumb in a basin - you may want to get a qualified plumber to do this for you!

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3. Create a smart home office area

Choose decorative wallpaper, then paint the table to complement it. Cut a piece of wallpaper the same length as the table. Depending on the width of the roll, you may need two lengths to cover the whole table top. If so, place the join towards the back of the desk where it's less likely to be noticed. Use Spray Mount to attach the paper to the table, then top with a cut-to-size glass panel. Avoid sharp corners by asking for polished edges when having your glass cut and hey presto - get your pencils ready!

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4. Revitalise it into a smart console table

Paint a neutral base coat over the whole table. Once dry, mask out different width stripes before filling them in with your chosen colour palette. (This is a good opportunity to use up all those sampler pots you've accumulated). Darker colours will need three or four coats. Tip: to prevent colours from bleeding when the masking tape is removed, use a very fine brush to paint along the edges of the tape with the base colour. Make sure you paint part on the tape and part on the table for a neat seal. Carefully peel off the masking tape, then use a clear matt varnish to strengthen the finish.

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