Wine coolers - our pick of the best

Looking for a wine cooler? From sleek kitchen wine cabinets to stylish tabletop designs, we’ve picked a selection of our favourite wine coolers

If you adore entertaining, invest in a wine cooler to store a selection of wines in your home for every occasion. Wine cabinets are available in a range of sizes for your kitchen, and for the dining room choose an elegant wine cooler that will lend a sophisticated look to your table setting. When choosing a wine cabinet, look for features including the number of bottles it can store, the storage temperatures (as red and white wines need to be stored at different temperatures), number of shelves and size of the unit. If the cabinet has a glass door, check if the glass is UV-protected. And a tabletop wine cooler, in elegant engraved steel or rich leather, will certainly impress guests at your next gathering.

John Lewis JLWF153 Wine Cabinet

(Image credit: John Lewis)

JLWF153 Wine Cabinet


Height: 86.5 cm
Width: 14.5 cm
Depth: 47.5 cm

The John Lewis JLWF153 wine cooler offers the ideal space saving solution for storing your wine collection, allowing you to savour the finest flavours. An electronic touch temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature from 5°C to 18°C. 

JLWF153 Wine Cabinet, £269, John Lewis.

Oka Saddle Leather Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Oka)

Saddle Leather Wine Cooler


Height: 20cm
Depth: 12cm

A stylish wine cooler, hand-stitched from rich, aged nut brown buffalo leather. Part of our Saddle Leather collection, inspired by travel essentials from the colonial era. Leather and steel. 

Saddle Leather Wine Cooler, £115, Oka.

Homebase CDA Fwc603Ss Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Homebase)

CDA Fwc603Ss Wine Cooler


Height: 82-88 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Depth: 52.0 cm

This stainless-steel wine cooler has a 46 bottle capacity, UV protected glass and a temperature alarm to maintain optimum conditions. 

CDA Fwc603Ss Wine Cooler, £450, Homebase.

Littlewoods Baumatic BWC305SS 19-bottle Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Littlewoods)

Baumatic BWC305SS 19-bottle Wine Cooler


Temperature adjustable : Between 5°C and 22°C.
Height: 87-89 cm
Width: 29.5 cm
Depth: 57 cm

This wine cooler is a stylish storage solution for wine connoisseurs. It has six wooden shelves and a smoked glass door. 

Baumatic BWC305SS 19-bottle Wine Cooler, £429, Littlewoods.

Argos Husky HN6 Reflections Tabletop Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Argos)

Husky HN6 Reflections Tabletop Wine Cooler


Temperature range: 8 to 15°C.
Height: 64 cm
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 51 cm

Stylish wine cooler featuring a curved mirror effect door, holding up to 12 bottles of wine at the perfect temperature. This Husky reflections slimline countertop wine cooler is digitally controlled via a touch screen and is thermo electrically powered. 

Husky HN6 Reflections Tabletop Wine Cooler, £126, Argos.

Wilko Hostess Freestanding 40-Bottle Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Wilko)

Hostess Freestanding 40-Bottle Wine Cooler


Height: 84.5 cm
Width: 49.3 cm
Depth: 58.5 cm

Hostess HW40RMA freestanding wine cabinet. With a large 40-bottle capacity and a temperature range of 5 to 18°C this flexible wine cabinet is suitable for red, white or sparkling wines. With electronic controls and LED display you can be sure your wine will be kept at the optimum temperature. 

Hostess Freestanding 40-Bottle Wine Cooler, £365, Wilko.

John Lewis Georg Jensen Wine Cooler

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Georg Jensen Wine Cooler


Height: 22.1 cm
Width: 16.3 cm

Designed by Thomas Sandell for Georg Jensen, this wine cooler crafted from stainless steel combines modern form with ultimate functionality to bring a piece which is a pleasure to use, with an isolating effect, this wine cooler allows your wine to maintain its temperature for longer. Stainless steel. 

Georg Jensen Wine Cooler, £95, John Lewis.

Marks and Spencer Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

Wine Cooler


Height: 23 cm
Diameter: 13.5 cm

Serve perfectly chilled wine and champagne in modern style. This simple wine cooler has polished finish and is perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers. Stainless steel. 

Wine Cooler, £30, Marks and Spencer.