This cute kitchen pot storage trend is popping up everywhere - and the Beckhams love it too

The growing trend works for every size kitchen and is practical aswell as stylish

Hanging pot storage in kitchen
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Inspiration for pots and pan storage isn’t something we thought we might glean from the recently released Beckham documentary on Netflix, but that's exactly what we got. 

When the four-part series hit the streaming service last week, viewers were not only given glimpses of Victoria and David Beckham’s professional lives, but also their personal lives, which included a look at a few of their stunning homes (yes, there are multiple).

In one clip, we were lucky enough to get a look at both their indoor and outdoor Cotswolds kitchens, both of which feature the bistro-style, hanging pot storage system that appears to be gaining hugely in popularity at the moment. But why is this kitchen storage idea option proving to be so beloved?

 Here's why the experts reckon this more unconventional storage choice is actually a great move, especially in smaller homes...

The hanging pot storage trend

In the Beckham household, viewers of their Netflix documentary saw that the famous family’s preferred method of storing their stunning copper pans (which we also love; they're one of the best saucepans around for a reason), is to suspend them from either the ceiling or from hooks on their cupboards.

The result is a stunning bistro-style effect, that’s more reminiscent of a French or Italian country kitchen than it is a British home and if you're able to buy the items for a song, perhaps by using home decor discount codes, then you'll be nabbing that look for a lot less than it appears.

Interior designer Kunal Trehan, founder of Touched Interiors explains that he's not surprised the Beckhams opted for this type of pan storage. 'This pan storage is increasingly popular for country and holiday homes, as it does bring a certain about of zen to the space; it's definitely popular for homeowners who are wanting to add a cosy and homely feel to a space.'

Hanging pot storage in kitchen

(Image credit: Future PLC)

And according to Melissa Klink, Creative Director at Harvey Jones, the Beckhams aren't the only ones who love it. This hanging pot storage choice is something she is seeing more and more customers keen to create in their own homes. 

'As people have spent more and more time in their homes, our clients are really analysing how they use their space, and elevating their go-to items has been a core consideration in the design.'

If you're new to this idea and need some convincing, Melissa also explains that – while this likely isn’t something the Beckham family needs help with – storing your pots and pans in this way can be a fantastic space-saving method.

'Not everyone has a kitchen the size of the Beckhams and so for many people hanging pots and pans is a great way to maximise their space,' she says. 'By hanging pots and pans you can free up cupboard space for smaller appliances while at the same time, create a contemporary look.'

Kitchen with yellow units, cream walls, parquet flooring and large range cooker with saucepans hanging on the wall above

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That aside, there are some other practical benefits to hanging your cooking essentials up in this way too, à la the Beckhams.

'In busy family kitchens hanging pots and pans are incredibly quick and easy to access,' Melissa explains. However, that does come with a few exceptions.

'If you’re using the pots and pans frequently then hanging storage can work well, but it’s best not to hang pots that are used less often as they can become dusty over time,' Melissa says. 'We’d always recommend storing rarely used pans in high-quality kitchen cabinets where they are protected from dust and knocks.'

Kitchen with a large stove and hanging pans

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How to get the look

Considering taking a page out of the famous family's book in your own home? Well, before you get started hanging your pots and pans, there are a couple of other things to consider when it comes to safety and ease of access, Laura Price, owner of The Home Organisation, says.

'Always make sure that whatever you're hanging your pans from can easily support the weight of them, and make sure you hang them somewhere easily accessible,' she suggests. 'Hanging them on the wall behind the cooker might look lovely, but could be potentially risky if you have to reach across a hob, or if the pots and pans get hot due to their proximity to the cooker.'

And that's not all. 'I would also avoid hanging any really heavy pots and pans. Heavy pans might do better on a rack that can be very securely mounted to support the weight.'

So if you are keen to replicate the Beckham family's pot and pan storage, can you DIY it, or should you call in a professional to help? 'If you're confident with DIY, installing hanging pot and pan storage in your home can be easy, and affordable,' Laura says. 

'For most pans, a wall-mounted rail with s-hooks will be sufficient as long as you don't overload them, and these are easily accessible from places like Amazon.'


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