Plumbing experts warn against the Pancake Day mistake that could cost you £300

You might want to think twice before doing some unwanted drain damage

Kitchen sink under window
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With Pancake Day among us, plumbing experts warn against pouring leftover pancake mix down the drain. You might want to think twice before accidentally damaging your pipes, as this could cost you £300 in repairs due to one day of pancake-flipping fun.

The day has finally come. Whether you've busted out your best non-stick frying pan or have opted to make pancakes in an air fryer, we're warning you now to not take the post-cleaning-up process lightly. We know it might be tempting to wash away leftover batter in the kitchen sink, but doing so can result in blocked or burst pipes.

Kitchen sink under window

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Natalie White, head of brand communications at Rated People says, 'It’s really important that people are aware of the damage that pouring leftover batter down the drain can do to your home.'

'To avoid facing an unwelcome repair bill of around £300, it’s a much better idea to reuse the leftover batter instead of pouring it down the kitchen sink.'

How can pancake mix damage your drains?

'Pancake batter contains flour, fat and oil and this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to drains as it can quickly harden in pipes and lead to blockages and burst pipes which can be costly to repair,' warn plumbing experts at Rated People.

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How much does it cost to fix a burst pipe in your home?

The plumbing experts at Rated People have estimated the fix to cost around £150-£300 depending on the circumstance, and when we compare it to the cost of making pancakes, it's really not a trade-off worth risking.

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What you should do with leftover pancake mix instead

Trust us when we say you don't want to be dealing with this post-Shrove Tuesday. Here are some alternatives to try out instead of pouring leftover batter down the drain.

1. Freeze leftover batter

Did you know you can freeze pancake batter for up to three months? Simply store it in an airtight container or freezer bag and place it in your freezer. Easy.

2. Use it for Yorkshire puddings

We love a good Sunday roast as much as the next person, so if you've got some leftover batter, why not use it to make some Yorkshire puddings ahead of time?

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3. Use it for frying

Whether you want to recreate the feel of a traditional fish and chips takeaway, make fried chicken, or have a go at churros (the possibilities are endless), consider using your leftover pancake mix as batter for frying up another delicious meal.

4. Dispose in food waste bin

And if you simply aren't a fan of your batter, just wait for it to cool down and then chuck it into a food waste bin.

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What will you be doing with your leftovers after the pancake-making festivities?

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