4 Pancake Day essentials – what you need to make the perfect pancakes this Shrove Tuesday and beyond

Experts reveal their 4 must-haves for the perfect Pancake Day celebration

A savoury crepe in a frying pan with a jug of batter next to it
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Pancake Day is the perfect way to celebrate the last day before Lent in the UK. But whether you’re religious or not, this sort of holiday makes an otherwise ordinary day in the middle of the week all the more special every year. If you want to make the occasion extra special by making the best pancakes you’ve ever created, then you need a few Pancake Day essentials.

Because getting the best non-stick frying pan is not enough – you also need to know which one is the best for pancakes (don’t worry though, we got you covered). But even that only gets you halfway there as there are other must-haves to make the smoothest and fluffiest pancakes, according to our experts.

So we rounded up the most important ones below to make pancake making as easy and smooth as possible. Get ready for the best pancakes of your life!

A savoury crepe in a frying pan with a jug of batter next to it

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Pancake Day essentials

Falling on the 13th February this year, a day before Valentine’s Day which makes for quite an eventful week, Pancake Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re making your pancakes in an air fryer or on the hob, you’re going to need most of these tools to ace the task at hand.

1. Pancake pan

Tefal Bonne Maman Heart Shaped Aluminium Non Stick Crepe Pan

(Image credit: Argos/Tefal)

As previously mentioned, the right pancake pan is worth it as it’s crucial to making the best pancakes. Non-stick pans are currently most popular but some of the best cast iron pans can also make great pancake pans. And in the long run, they will likely last you longer than a non-stick pan would. But that is also reflected in their price.

‘Using the right pan has a huge part to play in making the perfect pancakes,’ says Paul Bough, chef at ZWILLING and STAUB. ‘Choosing a cast iron pan will ensure heat is distributed evenly and there are no burnt areas.’

But don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the shape of your pancakes and pancake pan. Tefal’s limited edition heart pancake pan is the perfect way to mix things up and doubles great as a Pancake and Valentine’s Day-themed kitchen accessory.

Tefal Bonne Maman Heart Shaped Aluminium Non Stick Crepe Pan

(Image credit: Argos/Tefal)

‘Our long-lasting, non-stick pans are ideal for making pancakes and the Thermo Signal technology indicates when the pan has reached the perfect cooking temperature to help ensure perfect pancakes,’ says Tegan Bond, senior product manager for cookware at Tefal. ‘This year we have created a gorgeous, limited-edition heart pan in partnership with Bonne Maman, bringing a little something extra to your pancakes.’  

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of smaller pancakes, then a mini pancake pan, which allows you to have multiple on the go at any given time, is a great option.

2. Blender

neutral kitchen with open shelving above worktops

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Creating flawless pancake batter is another key to Pancake Day success. And while you can go traditional with a whisk and mixing bowl, our experts recommend using the best blender ‘if you are also after a simple, fast way to make a smooth pancake batter,’ Tegan says.

‘When it comes to mixing batter, although a whisk will get the job done, try using a blender for an ultra smooth result,’ Paul recommends.

3. Spatula or palette knife

28 cm Cast iron Pancake pan with wooden handle

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If you’re not a pancake-flipping pro (neither are we), then a handy tool to safely and effectively flip your pancake is another essential buy.

‘If you don't feel confident tossing pancakes, then a non-stick coated palette knife is a great tool to slip right under the pancake and turn it, or a rubber spatula will help loosen the pancake before you make that all-important toss,’ Tegan advises.

Paul agrees but recommends a more traditional, albeit similar tool instead, ‘To avoid dropping or folding the pancake when it’s time to flip sides, use a wooden pancake turner.’

4. Soup ladle

Image of Tefal collab with Bonne Maman

(Image credit: Tefal)

A ladle is probably a tool that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of as essential when it comes to pancake making. But Paul would disagree with that sentiment.

‘Using a soup ladle will ensure the exact same amount of batter goes into the pan for pancakes the same thickness and size, every time,’ he concludes.

Happy Pancake Day from us to you!

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