How to make a layered cushion

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  • Make this stylish cushion with Country Homes & Interiors' easy-to-follow instructions

    Sewn from plain linens in soft ice-cream shades, this oversized cushion is the perfect complement to both busy patterns and pared-back prints.

    To make, you will need:

    • Square cushion pad (ours measured 50x50cm)
    • Around 120cm of main fabric (we used Asolo, col straw, £85 m, Romo)
    • Around 50cm of contrast A fabric (we used Asolo, col soft pink, £85 m, Romo)
    • Around 45cm of contrast B fabric (we used Asolo, col solent, £85 m, Romo)
    • White thread
    • Zip
    • Scissors

    Before you start – these instructions assume a 50cm square cushion pad is being used. You will need to amend the measurements if your pad is a different size.

    Step 1
    Cut two 54cm squares of main fabric. Cut a 49cm square of contrast A fabric, fold under a 1cm hem on all edges and press. Cut a 44cm square of contrast B fabric, then fold and press as before.

    Step 2
    Centrally position contrast A fabric, right side up, on the right side of one main fabric square and top stitch neatly all round. Layer contrast B fabric, right side up, on top of contrast A fabric and top stitch neatly all round.

    Step 3
    To make the cushion cover, place both pieces of main fabric, right sides together, and stitch round three sides, allowing a 1cm seam. Insert a zip along the fourth side, and turn the cover through.

    Step 4
    Insert a cushion pad through the opening. If it’s a bit tight, work it into the corners for a snug fit.

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