Kelly Hoppen divides social media by declaring this popular sofa cushion styling tip her top 'pet peeve' – do you agree?

It's sparked debate among fans

Kelly Hoppen
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Interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, took to TikTok to share her biggest interior pet peeves, and she admitted that one she absolutely cannot stand is chopped cushions.

In her video, Kelly controversially dubbed chopped cushions as her number one pet hate, stating that cushions should 'never' be chopped but rather always straight when propped on a sofa. She also noted that cushions should never be placed at an angle, as doing so can ultimately make even the best sofas look a tad dated.

As you can imagine, this has started quite a debate among fans as well as among the team at Ideal Home: to chop or not to chop living room sofa cushions. While our team is pretty evenly divided about this, with many favouring the infamous chop as a way to plump up sofa cushions, the verdict is far more clear-cut among the interior experts we've grilled.


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'I completely agree with Kelly Hoppen's comments regarding the chopped cushions and angled positioning,' begins Kelly Collins, Swyft Home's interior designer. 'It's a trend that, while popular a few years ago, has become dated.' This is yet another thing to add to the list of trends that will date your home.

'The notion of symmetrical cushions on each side was also popular for quite some time, but as trends evolve, we're witnessing a shift towards a more relaxed approach,' she adds.

Blue velvet sofa in living room with scattered cushions displayed on top, armchair, and coffee table

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That's right. Although once the norm, living room trends have since changed, putting chopped cushions on the same footing as other interior trends beloved by millennials, encompassing everything from grey colour palettes and crushed velvet.

'Nowadays, there's a greater appreciation for a casual aesthetic when it comes to arranging sofa cushions. I find they exude more charm when they're slightly slouched, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere,' explains Kelly.

But of course, with Kelly's bold statement of dubbing a much-loved trend as an 'absolute no in the home', caused a mixed reaction from fans.

Neutral coloured sofa with grey scatter cushions in neutral living room

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Some fans agree with the interior designer saying, 'I can't stand chopped cushions,' with others disagreeing completely saying, 'Oh, I've been chopping my cushions like Kim K for ages now' and how they 'love a chopped cushion.'

To continue the argument, Dani Burroughs, head of product at Snug says, 'Chopping and rearranging cushions can be a good way to refresh the look of your sofa and ensure optimal comfort.'

'Over time, scatter cushions can become flattened or misshapen from regular use, so giving them a good fluff, a rearrange and a chop down the middle can help to redistribute the filling and restore their fluffiness,' she assures.

Blue L-shaped sofa with patterned scatter cushions in living room

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So, not only is it a visual thing but rather a practice that will also ensure your sofa cushions stay in tip-top shape. In that case, maybe a chopped cushion isn't so bad, after all.

Given the fact that so many people are divided in the chopped cushion debate, we'll leave the verdict with you to decide whether chopped cushions are still deserving of a place in your home, or if you're giving them the boot just like Kelly Hoppen has.

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