Interior designers reveal the key things they believe instantly date your home

They do not hold back
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  • Interior designers have shared some key features they believe can make our homes look dated. Naturally, we get used to our chosen home decor, and unless a major renovation is needed, the years roll on and things start to look tired.

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    But it’s not the overall layout of your home that’s to blame – it comes down to a few minor design details.

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    Image credit: Wayfair

    From the texture of the walls to the kind of blinds you have, it all has an impact on how your home feels.

    Things that date your home

    Oversized clocks

    Wayfair‘s resident style advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill argues that large clocks are outdated. ‘The trend for loud and proud oversized clocks is on the wane, as we look to integrate our timekeepers into our interiors in a more discreet fashion,’ she says.

    Incorporating it into a gallery wall is a nice hallway idea. ‘Perhaps as we’ve got used to a slower pace of life, the sight of a giant clock is an untimely reminder of the rat race lifestyle left behind,’ Nadia says.

    ‘Many are calling time on these oversized tickers in favour of more subtle alternatives.’ 

    clock in gallery wall

    Image credit: Wayfair

    Textured wallpaper

    According to Rob Green, interior designer and co-founder of Coat Paints, textured wallpaper and wood chipped wallpaper can really date a home. ‘Textured wallpaper goes hand in hand with the 80s but in 2021 it instantly dates the feeling of the room,’ Rob says.

    There are some stunning examples of modern wallpaper in our wallpaper trends piece to bring your walls up to date.

    Short curtains

    For Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, interior designers and co-founders of Interior Fox, it’s short curtains. ‘They feel dated and can make a window feel small and boxed in. Instead, opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains, ensuring there are no gaps.

    ‘This look adds height to a room while keeping a clean and simple aesthetic,’ Jenna and Mariana comment. For more window dressing ideas, take a look at our guide.

    bedroom with long curtains

    Image credit: Interior Fox

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    Vertical blinds

    ‘Vertical blinds may seem like an innocent addition in your home,’ says Zoe Warren, interior designer at Price Your Job. ‘But they lack style and character. The plastic beaded chains which tie the strips together make the blinds look unattractive.

    ‘Make the switch to horizontal Roman blinds or delicate curtains for an elegant look,’ Zoe says.

    We have to agree with that one.

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