Declutter your living room in 6 easy steps

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  • A beautifully organised living room is at the top of most of our wish-lists – but it’s easy for this busy space to become cluttered. A good declutter and clean can also give your living room a completely new look, creating a serene space to relax in.

    Start by finding a home for electricals such as the television, TV recorders, music systems and, of course, all the remotes. A painted cupboard is a great option for hiding away the television when it’s not in use and stowing away remote controls. This will create a quieter space for reading and relaxing and avoid the TV becoming the focal point of the room. Make this furniture tie in with the rest of the room scheme by decorating the top with a framed photo, or eyecatching lamp.

    An attractive bookcase is one of the easiest ways to organise books, magazines and accessories. Use bookends and pretty magazine holders to keep the shelves tidy. Fabric-covered box files that tie with ribbon are a great option for organising day-to-day letters and paperwork. In addition to storage, add a few of your favourite pieces to the bookcase, such as a striking vase or vintage accessories, to create a beautiful display.

    When it comes to choosing a coffee table, opt for a design with drawers or shelf for remote controls. A wooden chest or woven trunk can be used to store items such as DVDs or other media storage, but also double as a small side table for a lamp beside the sofa.

    For storage that’s easy to move around the room depending on your needs, look for baskets with handles, made in jute or other natural materials. These will look great beside or the sofa or in an alcove corner, and can be used for newspapers and magazines, or children’s toys.

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