Make your TV look as beautiful as your home this Christmas

Hide your TV in plain sight with Samsung The Frame

Samsung frame on wall
(Image credit: Samsung)

Whether it’s the King’s Speech, The Strictly Come Dancing special or the latest festive film, TV’s play a big role at Christmas time. They need to be large enough for the whole family to enjoy, but then you run into the issue of how to disguise a massive blank box or you can just give up altogether and face the fact there’s no getting around the eyesore. 

But hold on, there is another option and it’s one we’ll be asking for Santa to leave under our tree this Christmas. Samsung The Frame is the ultimate lust-worthy TV for any interiors fanatic as it truly is a thing of beauty. 

Hidden in plain sight

The Frame hides itself by making a statement. No bear with us as we explain how it does this. The TV is encased in bezels that allow it to look like a picture frame. These bezels are sold seperately and fully customizable with a range of colours so you can switch them up to match your style. They can either blend into a living room, or stand out - the choice is yours. 

But why would you want to frame a blank box? That is the second genius part. The Frame transforms your TV into a work of art when it’s turned off. You can opt to use personal photographs or your favourite work of art to complement your home. The Matte Display absorbs reflections so you get a truly realistic picture that is almost impossible to tell apart from a standard work of art. 

Samsung frame on wall

(Image credit: Samsung)

The full experience

Despite cracking these clever features, Samsung hasn’t sacrificed any of the viewing quality of The Frame. It is available in a range of sizes, including the 50 inch, exclusive to John Lewis, which is the size that will suit most family living rooms. 

The Frame is powered by Quantum Dot for a naturally bright and colourful picture. That means every detail of the latest Netflix Christmas show is magnified to fully immerse you in the world you’re watching on screen. The Dolby Atmos technology adds to this immersive experience delivering the sound so it feels like it’s happening around you**. The TV also includes object tracking sound which follows the action on the screen with the TV speakers***. 

Prices for The Frame start at £749 at John Lewis for a 43 inch TV. Will you be making your guests jealous with your Samsung Frame TV this Christmas?

**50" and 43” The Frame support Dolby Atmos® with virtual top speakers. Not available with 32” The Frame.

***OTS Lite available with 50”, 43” and 32” The Frame.

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