7 great spring gardening buys you won’t want to be without

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  • Don't be seen outside without these 7 great must-haves for spring gardening...

    Elbow deep in spring cleaning? Bet you’re trying to forget about the garden.

    Yep. Fair-weather gardeners the land over have probably
    gone no further south than the wheelie bin since Christmas. One’s slippers get so wet
    don’t they? But, come on, it’s practically May. The blossom is drifting;
    the euphorbia is spreading. We can put it off no longer.

    of the to-do list for the First Outing Of The Wellies 2015 is dead-heading the poor old daffs who have bloomed without fear right through the detritus of autumn leaves, withered bedding plants and
    those ferns you’ve neglected to cut back (again). And let’s not get started
    on the lawn. I, for one, last mowed in October (also when I last
    ventured into the shed, lifted the lid on the water butt and dropped by the compost bins). A scythe may now be a better bet.

    Then, of course, there’s the patio… and
    the pots… and the steps. Don’t mention the unbounced-upon trampoline
    (beloved of pigeons; abandoned by children) and the forlorn and
    sagging garden furniture.

    What you need is stuff. Take a look at our 7 little buys that will gently ease your transition into that weekly weekend gardening schedule (you know it’s coming).

    1. Timber border log roll edging, £7.99, 150mm x 1.8m, Wickes

    Every trip into the back garden is, let’s face it, a struggle to bring order to chaos. We all know it, but we love it none the less. Timber decorative edging can be your friend – make a tidy border for your borders; preventing grass from spreading into your beds and ageing beautifully from year to year. This edging is pressure treated and guaranteed for 15 years.

    2. Paradise Bunch 500ml flask, £16, Cath Kidston

    Don’t let the urge for a cuppa interrupt your gardening flow. Pack a flask when you venture outdoors – it can be a long way from the back of your house to the neighbour’s fence. And what could be better than this little floral number? Made in stainless steel with a pretty design it will keep your tea hot or your juice cold for up to seven hours.

    3. Fallen Fruits two-piece wooden square planter set, £51.99, Wayfair

    Treat yourself to a new planter every now and again and it will perk up your patio no end. This one is made in pine, has plastic liners and features two cubes – one 30cm and the other 40cm. Plant up with a little of whatever you fancy in separate pots and place inside. Perfect for a mini kitchen garden…

    4. Rosa Chinensis Kneelo garden kneeler, £17.95, Garden Divas

    last thing you want when getting down and dirty with the weeding is
    sore knees. So pad those patellas with a Kneelo. This easy-to-carry pad
    (lift and set down again as you work along that bed) is made all the
    more glorious with its botanical illustration (from the RHS library, no

    5. Ella James Wooden Handle Wire Trugs, £34 for three (medium not shown), Not on the High Street

    handy wire trugs are practical enough for gathering up those delicate
    cut flowers in the garden and pretty enough for display storage in the
    house. Available in natural (shown) and cream, they come in a small,
    medium and large trio. The largest, at 32cm long, is big enough for less
    picturesque jobs too – such as weeding.

    6. Garden Tool Belt, £10.95, thenurseries.com

    every DIY-er knows, you can’t do a job properly without a tool belt. If
    you’re fed up barrelling up and down your back garden to and from the
    shed for this, that and the other then get yourself this handy canvas
    clip-on belt that has pockets aplenty. Great for carrying seed packets
    and labels, too.

    7. Floral Collection Garden Gloves, £2.99, Dunelm

    wondrous gardening gloves may have a touch of the Margot Leadbetters
    about them, but why look like a navvy while doing a little light hoeing?
    These floral designs are pretty as a picture and will brighten your
    days even when the sunlight’s in short supply. They’re a bargain to

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