6 ways to pack more storage into your kitchen

Get more storage out of your kitchen with these smart ideas

Ahh a clutter-free kitchen... It might seem like the unreachable dream, but these nifty storage ideas will help you on your path to orderly bliss. If your cupboards are struggling to contain all of your kitchenalia, or you just love clever space-saving solutions, you need to add some of these smart ideas to your kitchen.

1. Organise drawers with dividers Deep drawers are perfect for stowing away plenty of pots, pans and tableware, but the contents inside can often get a bit out of control. Drawer dividers will help you to keep plates and bowls stacked in neat towers, making it easier for you to find what you need when you're plating up your evening meal.

kitchen drawer dividers

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2. Fit hidden storage beneath seating

In a compact kitchen-diner, built-in seating can serve as extra storage space, too. These roomy storage benches are ideal for hiding away items that you don't need to use every day.

underseat storage

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3. Utilise gaps between cabinets

Got a spare 15cm at the end of a run of units? You need to fill it with one of these nifty pull-out drawers. Just wide enough to fit in a neat row of spray bottles, it will save you space in other cupboards and you'll be able to grab the right cleaning product at a glance - so there'll be no more scrabbling around at the back of a cabinet for the elusive window spray.

cupboards with pull out drawers and spray bottles

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4. Get bespoke cupboards

built for awkward spacesNot everyone's kitchen is square and perfectly formed (is anyone's?). If yours features a staircase, save up to have some custom-made cupboards built to fit the space beneath. It's well worth the extra cash – just think of all the extra storage you'll gain.

understair kitchen units

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5. Fix up an extra shelf beneath wall units As simple as it sounds, this little trick will save you time when cooking and will free up space inside cupboards. Use it to display attractive serving bowls and to keep jars and spices off the kitchen worktops.

kitchen shelf wall units storage

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6. Make your island multitask If you're lucky enough to have space in your kitchen for an island, make sure it's working as hard as possible. Fit inconspicuous shelving beneath the countertop for storing cookery books and serveware, and ensure you have power points fitted beneath the worktop, too, so you can plug in your blender/bread maker/food processor/laptop when needed.

kitchen island with island and dining table

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