A colourful life: fancy buying a Gloucestershire house that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern-art gallery?

Love it or hate it, this artist’s home certainly couldn’t be accused of blending in or a lack of character

People have strong reactions to what they like and don't like.

For the minimalists among you, it's probably unbearable just looking at the pictures. For those searching for something more quirky, it may be your idea of heaven.

artist house with stone cottage and dressing room

(Image credit: REX/Bournemouth)

From the outside, Mary Rose Young's country three-bed looks like an ordinary stone cottage. Only woodwork painted in an orangey-yellow hints at what's to be found inside.

stone cottage with cars and road

(Image credit: REX/Bournemouth)

Inside, you'll enjoy getting dressed in the bright green dressing room, dining with a big orange flowery mural, and even a rose-covered basin in the bathroom.

When you feel you want time to chill out, the tent room has plenty of eclectic seating to accommodate you, or even for entertaining guests.

dining room with wooden flooring and orange flowery mural wall

(Image credit: REX/Bournemouth)

tent room with stripping walls and carpet

(Image credit: REX/Bournemouth)

The house is on the market for £500,000 and we hope the home finds an owner that will love it for its individuality.

If not, stripping the walls and getting the place back to basics will be an unenviable task.

Here at Housetohome, we like to be open minded. We often advise trying out new colour combinations. Perhaps this house takes things a bit too far, but the important thing is to be true to what you like. Artist Mary Rose Young has certainly achieved that.

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