Mrs Hinch reveals the secret product she uses to get her cleaning cloths looking brand new

This is one you'll want to add to the cleaning cupboard

Mrs Hinch has revealed her secret cloth cleaning hack, using Ace for Whites laundry bleach to keep her Minky looking brand and new working for effectively for longer.

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Cleaning cloths can easily become a sea of grime and germs. However, with regular washes cleaning cloths and sponges will not only be more effective but last longer too.

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This is something cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, knows all about. On her Instagram stories, she revealed that rather than throwing her beloved Minky away after it gets a bit mucky she'll give it a good wash.

However, the clean-fluencer has a secret product up her sleeve to get cleaning cloths like the Minky anti-bacterial cleaning pad, looking good as new – Ace for Whites Laundry Bleach.

'So this morning I needed to clean my kitchen Minky! Look at him!' she wrote on her Instagram stories – showing a picture of the grubby cloth in question. 'What do I do? I leave mine in ace for whites for a few hours.'

Mrs Hinch demonstrated how she fills up a plastic bowl with Ace for Whites stain remover. Before leaving the cleaning cloth to soak in it. After a few hours, Mrs Hinch squeezed the cleaning pad and showed that all the stains had disappeared before rinsing with cold water.

'Back from the garden centre and LOOK... Good as new! I need to rinse him with water too!' she wrote.

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Mrs Hinch's secret weapon Ace for Whites costs £4.99 and is available to purchase from Amazon.

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It is usually used as a laundry bleach designed to keep white laundry crisp and bright. However, as Mrs Hinch has shown it can work a treat for washing cleaning cloths too.

The product is bleach so if you do try out Mrs Hinches cloth cleaning hack be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.

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Are your cleaning cloths in need of a good clean?

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