Add a touch of green to your home with the new range of Aldi houseplants – In store now

Give you're home a green makeover for just £2.69
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  • Houseplants are an easy, not to mention eco-friendly way to give your home an on-trend lift. If you are looking to add a few succulents to your home look no further than the new Aldi houseplant range.

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    Aldi’s new range includes a variety of beautiful cacti and succulents. If you’re new to houseplants cacti and succulents are a great place to start.

    The range arrives in stores this morning with each little green delight costing just £2.69 each. The cacti and succulents are each housed in a beautiful 9cm terracotta pot.

    Aldi house plants 1

    You can choose between six varieties of Cacti including Opuntia, Cereus, Pilocereus, Austrocephalocereus, Mammillaria or Notocactu. Our particular favourite is the small spherical Mammillaria, sometimes nicknamed ‘puff-ball cactus’.

    For something less prickly, you can also choose between five varieties of succulents – Crassula, Sedum, Portulacaria, Haworthia or Echeveria. The Haworthia looks a bit like a spikey rosette and will look lovely perched on a window sill or coffee table.

    Aldi house plants 2

    The good news is that you don’t need  a green thumb to keep these little guys alive. They don’t even need much watering, cacti only need water every ten to fourteen days. Succulents need a little more water, but not much so aim to water them about once a week.

    To get the best from your cactus and succulent, ensure the compost is dry between watering. And always make sure they see the sunlight for at least four hours a day.

    Aldi house plants 3

    Rather than giving your succulents and cacti are a sip of water here and there. When the compost is dry, a top tip is to give them a good soaking until the water runs out any drainage holes at the bottom of the plant.

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    In summer you can move cacti and succulents outside, just give them some time to adjust to the outdoor conditions by placing them in a more shaded area. But overall cacti and succulents thrive best inside at room temperatures.

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