Which ‘bedroom tribe’ do you belong to?

Could your bedroom decor be determined by your personality?

Bedrooms aren't just havens for sleep. They can also tell us a lot about our personalities according to new research that has revealed six distinct ‘tribes’ when it comes to British bedrooms.

Not only are these tribes linked by their taste of décor; according to a new survey by British bedding brand Appletree, people’s bedroom style reveals common personality characteristics too.

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1. The blooming bright bunch

  • Confident
  • Full of life
  • Fun-loving
  • Adventurous

bedroom white wall with wooden flooring windows and grey bed with multicolored blanket and pillows

Alvine bedding

(Image credit: Appletree)

This bedroom tribe opts for bright blooms, bold colour schemes and mixing in retro/vintage looks. They like to wake up feeling inspired and invigorated by their surrounding colours.

2. The grey gang

  • Orderly and organised
  • Balanced
  • Considerate
  • Dependable

bedroom with grey wall white tile flooring mirror on wall and grey striped blanket and pillow

Moriko Grey bedding

(Image credit: Appletree)

Members of this clan know that grey will always deliver a super chic space. Some may combine it with other classic colourways such as yellow or blue, but it’s simple, stylish grey they always prefer to incorporate on beds, walls, floors, curtains and accessories – anywhere and everywhere really!

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3. The dream catchers

  • Dreamers and thinkers
  • Sensitive
  • Reflective/imaginative
  • Strong values

This group loves delicate yet inspiring decor, like floral fabrics, tapestries and intricate paisley prints. Creative by nature, their bedrooms are a place to unwind and contemplate; nothing should be too tidy or structured. The dream catchers are drawn to designs connected with the natural world. Floaty, bohemian fabrics, haphazard wildflower designs and meadow green or sky-blue colourways, make up the whimsical style needed by these fanciful fellows.

4. The racy set

  • Natural leaders
  • Impatient and do-ers (practical)
  • Romantic
  • Live fast paced lives

As mysterious and magnetic as the folk who reside in them, bedrooms curated by the racy set are dark, decadent and filled with inviting materials to titillate the senses. Characterised by rich colour choices like amethyst, mulberry and deep charcoal - some may also venture into the realms of a red room! Tactility is key for those in this sensuous circle, so expect lots of plush materials like silk, velvet, faux fur and even feathers. Subdued lighting is also a must.

5. The clear clan (minimalist)

  • Keep things simple/organised
  • Open minded
  • Easily distracted
  • Friendly

bedroom with white and cream coloured wall white floor and bed with grey and white strips on blanket and pillow

Loft Grey bedding

(Image credit: Appletree)

Finding colour a distraction, the clear clan craves a fresh palette of white and pale neutrals. This bedroom style is immaculate. Pure and simple! Whether they incorporate clean Scandi lines or opt for a more traditional take, a clutter free space is essential for this group of minimalists to get a good night’s rest.

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6. The baroque brigade

  • Warm/open
  • Romantic
  • Creative
  • Individual/unique

designed cream wall bedroom with brown floor and bed with flowers and birds on blanket and pillow

Kumiko Teal bedding

(Image credit: Appletree)

For some, these rooms schemes can be overwhelming, but not to the Baroque Brigade who love to fill bedrooms with ornate mirrors, picture frames, trinkets and vases with a grand, vintage feel. They feel most at home in a decorative, flamboyant bedroom that reflects their exuberant personalities.

“The bedroom is a private space where people feel freer to express themselves than in the public areas of the home. Our survey found that the bedding and décor you choose for your bedroom reveals more than you might realise about your personality, says Jackie McLoughin, design director from Appletree.

Which bedroom tribe do you fall into?

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