The Weight Watchers diet has never been easier thanks to B&M

Knocking up healthy meals has never been easier thanks to modern kitchen gadgets – but they're not always cheap are they? Well that depends where you shop because B&M have an exclusive new range to help you get started on a budget.

Hands up if you’re on a health kick (momentary pause while I pop my hand firmly in the air!). The last month passed most of us by in a blur of beige food, resulting in our bodies craving all the greens and nutrients we can muster for a ‘new year, new you’ vibe.

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If you’re looking to improve your healthy cooking you might want to check out these new appliances at B&M. They’re all bargains and exclusively designed with a Weight Watchers diet plan in mind…


Whizz up delicious juices with the Weight Watchers Fruit Juicer. Create Bloody Mary-like creations, minus the vodka, or fresh OJ to start the day. Practical, powerful and stylish, this design has two speed settings to accommodate soft and hard fruits.

Buy now: Weight Watchers Fruit Juicer, £29.99, B&M


Who needs George?! Get your lean grilling game on with this Weight Watchers grill. It featuring marble ceramic non stick fixed plates and drip tray – for a cleaner cooking option. The beauty of this design is that you can grill meat and fish without dousing them in oil, making every meal that little bit healthier.

Buy now: Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill, £19.99, B&M

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Weight Watchers diet

Whip up a morning smoothie or a post-workout protein shake with this easy-to-use blender. The 2-in-1 machine features a Weight Watchers recipe book and BPA-free bottle with sealable lid, so it’s ideal for making drinks to go.

Buy now: Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Blender To Go Set, £24.99, B&M


Thought you’d have to give up chips? Think again! The new chips on the block are in-keeping with a healthy eating plan, thanks to this hot air fryer that requires little or no oil at all. This clever gadget circulates hot air creating a quick and thorough cooking method, without the added calories. January is looking up already!

Buy now: Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer, £49.99, B&M


Steam to stay lean, as cooking with steam helps to retain more nutrients and doesn’t require oils or fats. With three stacked tiers you can cook all the ingredients for a healthy meal in one go – fish, vegetables and rice. Features a 60 minute timer and automatic switch-off.

Buy now: Weight Watchers 3 Tier Steamer, £19.99, B&M

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Here’s to a happy and all-round healthier 2018!

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