British Standard reveals its top tips for designing a new kitchen

Handy things to consider before you start your project
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  • For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so when planning a re-design, you want to do your research and gather as many top tips as you can.

    There are plenty of kitchen companies out there that can help, but British Standard have just made things a whole lot easier (not to mention quicker) by launching four informative guides on their website, with the sole purpose of steering their customers to make the right decision for them.

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    From choosing the right colour to paint your kitchen, to selecting the right worktop and planning your space in the best way, the Suffolk-based kitchen cupboard company, have covered everything you need to know before getting stuck with creating your dream kitchen.

    British Standard’s top tips for designing a kitchen

    1. Rethink your wall cabinets

    Swap wall cupboards with a simple eye-level shelf for chic, high level storage. Display a variety of kitchen essentials and pretty knick knacks for a decorative feel.

    2. Place appliances carefully

    Position your key appliances within easy reach of each other, to make cooking and clear-up a streamlined process.

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    3. Cupboard size matters

    Merlin Wright, Design Director at British Standard says ‘Consider the scale and proportion of the cupboards in relation to the room – too many small cabinets could look ‘leggy’ and large cupboards could look too imposing.’

    ‘Another great tip’ continues Merlin, ‘ is to paint the interior of glazed wall cupboards to draw the eye through to the back so they’re not so imposing.’

    4. Stick to one colour

    Think about painting your cupboards, woodwork and walls in the same monochrome colour to make the space seem larger and more uniformed

    5. Mix materials

    Look at using two different materials for worktops e.g. wood and concrete or marble and slate to add interest to the room

    6. Bins are key

    No matter how much effort you put into creating a beautiful kitchen, it’s going to look terrible if you don’t have adequate space to dispose of your trash. ‘Don’t overlook ‘rubbish’ – hide bins in cupboards or choose a stylish freestanding bin,’ says Merlin.

    7. Zone your kitchen

    The space should be split into ‘public areas’ and ‘no go zones’. A strategically placed island can keep children and guests out of the working part of the kitchen. This can also be achieved by a change in the floor finish.

    So have these clever tips sparked new ideas for your kitchen?

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