Have a candy cane Christmas with these creative (and edible!) decorations

Looking to add a contemporary flair to your Christmas decorations this year? Then look no further than the candy cane.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the sweet candy cane. Believed to honour various figures across past Christmases, the red and white striped stick of rock is a staple across homes around the world.

The striped hook can be seen swinging from trees, hanging off stockings and all over films - who could forget the candy cane forest in

But here are a few alternative Christmas displays for your striped goodies this year...

Edible garland

candy cane garland

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Update your garland this year by slotting in candy canes.
They add a contemporary element to a traditional decoration and match a red colour scheme.

Delicious wrapping

delicious candy cane wrapping

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Wrap your gifts with a tasty treat this Christmastide. Place candy canes on top of plain parchment paper to add a glossy decoration that can be enjoyed before the present!

Sugar rush wreath

candy cane wreath

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Create a spindly wreath like this one by tying canes together and positioning them to look like linked love hearts. Finish the wreath with baubles, snowflakes, stars and festive foliage.

Tree trinket

candy cane tree trinket

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Put a spin on traditional swinging tree adornments by adding festive props to your candy canes like this Santa hat or an elf holding the stick.

Tasty table display

tasty table display with candy cane decoration

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Make fun table displays with the candied sugar sticks by positioning them around serving platters or vases like these before topping with mini baubles.

Gift tag goodies

gift tag goodies

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Heat your cane up and mould it into festive lettering or personalised names and tie them to presents for fun gift tags.

Vivacious vase

vivacious vase

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Place canes around the outside of vases or line the inside of glass pots to make a festive base for your flowers this year.

Tempting place settings

tempting place settings

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Make adorable name stands for your banquet table this year like these place stands. They'll get everyone chatting and can be munched on between courses.

Candy cane forest

candy cane forest

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If you're feeling creative, try making an unusual tree like this one. On a cone shaped object, tier the candy sticks and top with a star.

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Thea Babington-Stitt
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