7 reasons why you should celebrate Halloween

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  • As the autumnal festivity draws closer, here's why we're celebrating

    Will you celebrate Halloween this year? As Halloween fast approaches and witchy costumes and plastic pumpkin pots haunt the shops, we have collaborated a list championing this wonderful time of year. Whether it’s an excuse to binge, play mischievous tricks or simply curl up on a crisp evening, Halloween is an enchanting time of year – and here’s why…

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    1. You can get creative with your pumpkin

    Image credit: Sainsbury’s Home

    Slice off that top, dig out the pulp and get crafty with your carving. Don’t go for the usual horror face, but try creepy spiders and haunting landscapes. Experiment with different sizes and shapes – the uglier the better – and pile them high on your porch for a gorgeous magma glow.

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    2. There’s an excuse to polish off that pumpkin


    Image credit: Tony Briscoe

    Autumn allows us to celebrate gluttony. With the harvest over and an abundance of pumpkins on the market, spice up your meal with the addition of this deliciously goopy lava. Pumpkin is a versatile ingredient, which can be added to pies, soups and mulled wine or simply roasted. Pumpkin pancakes anyone?

    3. Collect your bonbon bounty

    Celebrate halloween trick or treat bag

    Image credit: Woman’s Weekly

    From our trick-or-treating days, Halloween has acted as a daily pass for binging on sugar. With so many delicious treats on the market it’s impossible to say no at this time of year. Try making some home bakes for your sugar-craving guests, from spider shortbread to bloody jelly.

    4. It’s a chance to get dressed up

    Frankie_-Orange-Brick-and-Lord-Vampyre Legoland

    Image credit: Mikael Buck/Legoland

    Halloween brings an excuse to get innovative with your dress. Nothing is too extreme at this time of year so don’t be scared to get creative and think outside of the box toward tragic movie heroines or go gorey. Don’t stop at your own dress either: decorate the exterior and interior of your home.

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    5. It’s beginning to get chilly


    Image credit: Jon Day

    Whilst storming the streets on a candy quest may suit some, Halloween and this autumnal time of year also celebrates the chance to get cosy. Mornings are misty and evenings get eerie as the clocks change so curl up with your favourite horror movie or novel and light the fire.

    6. We get to watch fireworks

    Country Homes & Interiors

    Image credit: Country Homes & Interiors

    As Guy Fawkes Night approaches, fireworks and bonfires grow in popularity during late October. We love the distinct incense of charred wood and barbecued sausages – who said outdoor dining was just for the summer? Bonfires were traditionally lit at Halloween to attract bugs and bats to give the evening a spooky ambience.

    7. It’s a great occasion for a party

    Halloween table decorating ideas

    After all that creativity, it definitely calls for a party! Serve pumpkin punch, sinful treats and showcase your fancy dress to your family and friends. Halloween is a festive occasion with no holds barred and no customs to follow so go crazy, we dare you…

    As if you needed any more reasons to celebrate Halloween!

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