Waitrose reveals the pumpkin trends adorning our doorsteps this Halloween

It's not all Jack-o-Lanterns
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  • Halloween parties might be cancelled this year but that hasn’t stopped us getting creative, with new pumpkin decorating ideas to celebrate the season.

    If you expected Halloween decorations to be overlooked this year, think again. Waitrose has seen sales of pumpkins soar by 33 per cent compared to this time last year.

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    Pumpkin carving is expected to be as popular as families look for ways to celebrate the holiday without a traditional party or trick or treating. In fact, Waitrose has reported that sales of its medium carving pumpkins are up 42 per cent compared to last year.

    However, pumpkin carving isn’t the only decorating option for this autumnal classic. Here are just a few of the new pumpkin decorating trends that are transforming our doorsteps this Halloween.

    Pumpkin decorating ideas

    1.Ghost Pumpkins

    pumpkin decorating ideas 3

    Image credit: Waitrose

    This spooky all-white pumpkin has proven so popular that Waitrose has had to increase its orders by over 20 per cent this week.

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    To make your pumpkin stand out, Chris Wood, Waitrose horticulture expert suggests teaming it with the botanical trend. ‘Perfect to add a splash of natural colour to Ghost Pumpkins and make them stand out,’ he says. ‘Take stems such as ferns or grasses, or other thin leaf plants, and attach them to pumpkins using adhesive.’

    2.Pumpkin planters

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    Image credit: Waitrose

    We predict that this is going to be one of the biggest pumpkin trends of this year. Pumpkins and succulents are an Instagram dream team.

    ‘With many shoppers rediscovering their green fingers through lockdown, use pumpkins as planters and showcase these skills,’ says Chris. ‘Add colourful succulents, twigs, moss or whatever you fancy to make beautiful planters for both inside and outside the home.’

    3.Pumpkin vase

    pumpkin decorating ideas 1

    Image credit: Waitrose

    If you’re still working on your green thumb, use a pumpkin to display cut flowers in the home. ‘Seasonal garden flowers such as Rose Hips, Bloom Chrysanthemums, Dahlias and foliage such as Oakleaf are perfect for this and give a truly autumnal feel around the home,’ explains Chris.

    A pumpkin vase and planter are both simple to make. Simply clean out the inside of the pumpkin like you would before carving a pumpkin. Then fit a plastic or glass container securely inside the pumpkin. And you can all set to start planting and flower arranging.

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    Will you be trying out any of these new pumpkin trends this Halloween?

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