People are putting their Christmas lights up in March for this sweet reason

The hashtag #ChristmasInMarch is trending on social media.

Christmas feels like a lifetime ago but it seems people are digging out their festive lights in March for a very special reason.

The past few weeks we’ve been inundated with coronavirus headlines which is making a lot of the country feel incredibly anxious. Now, with schools, restaurants, businesses and pubs closing, a lot more of us will be forced to spend a lot more time in our houses.

However, it seems people are turning to an unexpected seasonal item to spread a little more cheer. The object in question? Christmas lights.

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Over the past few days the hashtag #ChristmasInMarch has been trending on social media, as people around the world are putting up their festive lights to spread a little cheer to self-isolators.

hand with festive light and christmas decor

(Image credit: future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

With many of us cooped inside our houses, the thought behind it is that the lights will spread a little more happiness — as people can admire them from neighbouring houses or in their cars, whilst they carry out social distancing.

Commenting on the trend, one person said on Twitter, ‘What a great idea to put up Christmas lights! We all need hope in this terrible time of worldwide #coronvirus pandemic.’

While another added, ‘I love this idea! Everybody needs to put up their Christmas decor and keep it up for the rest of the month! Christmas magic doesn’t just have to be existent during Christmas, but all year long. #ChristmasInMarch.’

festive light with wooden beam and christmas decor

(Image credit: future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

But it seems that’s not the only hashtag gaining popularity — #lightsforlife has also been trending on social media, with many people sharing images of their illuminated homes.

One Instagram user posted a photo of their home, with the caption, ‘There are dark times ahead, but I can still put love and light out into the world.‬ ‪Some folks have mentioned putting up Christmas lights to cheer up people in quarantine, in isolation, or just to remind the world there’s still light and hope. Here’s my contribution.‬ ‪#LightsForLife‬.’

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Some people have been comparing quarantine to the festive period in general, with the majority of families staying inside, dressed in loungewear — leaving the house only occasionally.

We think anything that has potential to lift the mood at the moment should be celebrated!