This Christmas tree decorating calculator tells you just how many baubles you need

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Doing the tree is one of the best parts of the run-up to Christmas, but just how many decorations do you need? You don't want to end up with more bauble than tree, but there's also nothing worse than a sad, half-empty fir.

Christmas Tree World has made a Christmas tree calculator that works out the ideal number of baubles and lights for you. So, before you get to work with your Christmas decorating ideas, check you've got the perfect amount of ornaments.

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It's normal to second-guess whether you've got enough lights and baubles when decorating the tree. We tend to err on the side of 'more is more,' but if your tree is a slender build, it might not look quite right. You also want to give special ornaments enough space to shine.

Christmas tree calculator

Christmas Tree World has taken the guesswork out of it, you just have to answer a few questions about your tree. I tried the company's Christmas tree calculator and it told me I need 38 baubles and 180 lights, not far off how many I actually have (48 baubles and 200 lights).

The Christmas tree calculator asks you a series of questions to determine how many will look just right. It takes into account the height of your tree, the size of your baubles, and whether you want it to look minimalist or jam-packed.

christmas tree with baubles

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Speaking of size, the large Christmas baubles trend is back for 2022 – if your tree needs more, why not add three oversized baubles to the lower branches for instant impact? If you're wondering whether Christmas tree lights use a lot of electricity, we found out that lighting your tree is in fact relatively cheap.

According to the Christmas tree decoration calculator, Joe Biden’s $13,000 Christmas tree in the Oval Office will need a whopping 747 baubles and 7,150 LEDs. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree, standing at 75ft, would need 50,000 LEDs and 2,400 baubles.

christmas tree with baubles and gift boxes

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Obviously, there's no right or wrong way to decorate your tree, but this calculator is a handy guide. Happy decorating!

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